My 3 Oaks Syrian Experience

Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by Grim_Puffer, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. Grim_Puffer

    Grim_Puffer Member

    Feb 21, 2010
    Since my new order ive decided to actually dive into the blends head on and break them down as best I can.

    Now 3 Oaks Syrian was the first I opened today on my lunch break and I grabbed my pen and paper and decided to try and describe what I think are the main components to a good baccy

    1. Initial Tin Aroma
    2. Moisture
    3. Packability
    4. First Light Taste
    5. Mid Bowl Flavor
    6. Ending Note

    Ok so here is my simple and somewhat ranty review

    1. Typical McKetchup aroma but was more Vinegary than some of the other blends Ive bought from them. I took several deep sniffs of the can with no destractions such as tv, basically no noise ( yeah I know, creepy eh? ) just so my mind could try and find a time or place or even thing this reminded me of. I came up with Old Leather Shoe Store Dept in the 80s which my parents use to drag me to as a young kid bout 5 yrs old. That is what I got from this. Not that this is a bad thing at but the tin note is musky to a degree with earthy tones coming through.

    2. Very Springy, if i read the date correctly this tin is from 09 so it has some age but nothing to brag about. When pinched from the tin it compresses and then snapped back immediately when dropped. So I let it air for about 10 mins before I packed it.

    3. Packed easily as its ribbon cut and had no problems with clogging or it burning too fast. Only had to relight it once after about mid way through

    4.After the charring light I let it burn out and tamped and relit it. My first impression was Frog Morton. I know I know such heresy isnt tolerated ( some ppl absolutely think this blend is nirvana in a can ) but it reminded me of one of my fav blends FMOTT. Now as I sipped this it became more complex in character. I noticed a slight tangyness and somewhat bitterness coming through. My mouth started to become dry and tart but in a good way. This is where I started to notice more earthy tones come out and become noticed.

    5.This is when IMO a Tobacco either performs beautifully or falls flat. This , thank god, avoided the latter problem. It almost turned into a Pure VA in the sense it was very tangy and somewhat sweet but the smokiness that accompanied these flavors helped meld a very nice balance in the flavor to keep me interested. Now I cant tell you what tobacco variety was doin what but they were doing it well. I couldnt help but puff this until my tongue hurt,lol

    6. The session ended nicely and I had no complaints the flavor lasted til the very end and didnt fall flat and this is one of the few ive had that by the end didnt taste like pure ash.

    Now the human sense of smell can bring back forgotten memories once tht certain smell arises, same with taste, for me this brings back the days of playing in my grandmothers yard in the summer after the lawn was freshly mowed and wlaking through the weeds to get to the lake on the property as whipporwills sang out in the evening.

    Yes I know that may sound absurd but im saying everything in absolute truth. I havent experienced many nice tobaccos in my time smoking but this may be my favorite by far.

    ***** out of *****

  2. jeffbee

    jeffbee Member

    Oct 26, 2010
    Thanks for your review. Sounds awesome. I've been wanting to try the Syrian and the Cyprian side by side for a while.

    I'll take a tin of that and a whiporwill to go...
  3. dubhdarra

    dubhdarra Active Member

    Jan 6, 2010
    you know, my experience of this tobacco hasn't been as glowing, but i think its probably my favorite syrian english to date.

    my only major issue has been keeping it lit, the latakia seems to be cut chunkier than the turkish and virginia. this may be down to the pipes i've been smoking it in, though, a wide squat bowled calabash with a tight draw that really only handles ribbon cuts particularly well.

    i have to agree though, i wasn't expecting such a delicate tobacco's flavor to hold up through the bowl, but it built in complexity and became better as it burned down.

    in any case, if i hadn't already picked it up for the shop (hence my trying it) i certainly would have after your glowing review!
  4. Falconeer

    Falconeer Active Member

    Dec 25, 2009
    Hi All,

    A brilliant evocative review full of good information. I now know this wouldn't be a tobacco for me - but that's what a good revirew does, it tells you enough to help you make a decision.

    Many thanks

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