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My cheap new meer

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Hi All,

Really nice looking pipes and an excellent price - I'm 90% certain these are the same ones as I have which are sold under the Levante name here - every detail you've highlighted is the same. I can't get hard info on this but I do wonder if these are made either by trainees or by a co-operative on a small batch production basis.
I wondered about the same thing. Maybe there's a factory that turns them out in bulk and wholesales them off without brands?

Should you need any work done on them at a later stage at a very fair price can I recommend Dave Wolff at WalkerBriarworks - he opened out mine a little and fixed the connectors. The pipes benefitted greatly from Dave's work.
Thanks for the tip, Gerry. I just went and looked at his site re: meer work and opening up the draw. So far I think they draw pretty well, but I'm leery of that tiny plastic tenon. I think I'll just smoke them as-is until they break, if they do break, and then send them off.

Ya done real good K! $35/meer is a steal considering what you got. The skinny "cheapo" tenon will work for a while and probably last well into coloring your new "white wonderz" but should they break, don't toss yer pipe! Just get a replacement tenon or have it done right and get the "nylon-teflon" mortise-tenon system put in. Bigger bore and stronger, will probably last beyond you. Meers are cool because it's a pipe that becomes even more and more "yours" each time you smoke them. More obvious than a cob or briar. Congratz! Great score and thanks for sharing!
Thanks, Ed. Is there any place other than Gerry's recommendation that does the tenon work? Not that I doubt Walker's work, but sometimes it's nice to have multiple vendors. I like the meers precisely because of the uniqueness of the coloration effect. I mean, these all seem to smoke well (the two ANDs and the one SMS...although I think the SMS is borderline "OK"), cool, and all that. So they're 'good pipes' as far as my novice pipe smoking experience goes. I do think a well carved and polished briar looks somehow more elegant, or classy, though.

Are those $12 minis block meerschaum also?
I'm not associated with them in any way, other than buying a couple of pipes. But their FAQ says this:

All of our pipes are made of high quality block meerschaum. We do not sell pressed meerschaum.
Maybe it's worth an email to them just to verify.


Some rim charring is to be expected.
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I have bought two of them. They are block, and color accordingly. Unfortunately, they are small, which makes their tenons, uh, tenuous. I broke one while sample smoking like a re-re during the last box pass. Meer can swamp up pretty quick, being porous and all. The thinner the walls, the quicker you soften them. Word to the wise. Oh, still have my first one, dirty as hell (i.e...not the purdiest colouring ever), but smokes like a champ! Still use it to sample new/questionable toby...and the occasional Black Rope 'quick fix'.

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