My Love/Hate Relationship with HH Acadian Perique

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A few months ago, I decided to check out the local cigar/pipe store rather than driving 30min to my regular tobbaconist. As I figured, this store catered mostly to cigars. They did have a few jars of bulk pipe tobacco, but they were half empty and looked rather old. I did see a few tins behind the counter, and I decided to pick up the Acadian Perique.

The price was a bit steep, I though, at roughly $22. When I got home and opened the tin, I felt I should have rolled the $20 up and smoked that instead; I was disgusted. I reasoned that since I paid for it, I might as well smoke at least one bowl.

I was pleasantly surprised that the toby did not taste as it smelled. Still, I was a little disappointed. I don't know what I didn't like, I just knew it didn't do it for me. Smoked another bowl a few days later and decided it was a decent blend. Put the tobaccoo in my pipe drawer and forgot about it until today.

I don't know if its because I have been smoking the same blend for the past month, or because the tobacco changed once it was out of the tin and into a jar, or if my taste buds adjusted but tonight I am smoking a bowl and really enjoy it. I'm thinking of mixing some of it with my Matured Virginia and seeing what happens.

Anyone else ever go through this kind of phase with their toby?


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ThatGuyJohn said:
*DISCLAIMER: LONG POST*Anyone else ever go through this kind of phase with their toby?
Quite frequently, actually. I find that the tin aroma, especially from a freshly opened tin, can be somewhat misleading at times. Most often I'm pleased with the aroma and then let down by the smoke, but I'll soldier on and smoke a few more bowls to see what I think, and if I still don't like it, well, you never know what the future holds.

I'm going through that phase right now with Presbyterian Mixture. The tin note is very rich with Virginia and Orientals, but so far the taste has just been kinda ho-hum to me (heresy, I know). It gets pretty high marks from a lot of people, though, so I'll cellar it a while and come back later. Could be a whole different thing then.

You're learning fast, John. You'll be a regular codger before you know what happened. Keep on smoking.



Yeah... tastes change as you go. I was really impressed when Len Smetona on this forum took to a particular blend - an uncomplicated sweetish burley, I think it was Golden Extra, and he smoked nothing but for a month. REALLY got to know it, and now he has that as a baseline tobacco to judge other stuff against. I thought it was a good plan and it panned out well for Len.

The Acadian Perique disappointed me, but the fact is, a new tobacco from Mac Baren in a genre that I love ... man, I don't know how it couldn't have disappointed me. I was expecting angels to sing. And I just found it kind of flat. It's all right, but I wouldn't buy a tin I don't think.

FWIW Herb, presbyterian isn't what it used to be. It's still okay, but it used to be leathery and really wretched smelling, and yet plummy-sweet. I think "Legends" from McClelland is actually probably better tobacco in that vein right now. I still like a bowl of presby now and again, but the last few tins have been merely acceptable. Or perhaps it hasn't changed and my perception has? Impossible to know for sure.


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I have a tin of Acadian Perique that I am slowly working on. Still can say if I am gonna like, love, or dispose this one. Sometimes I think the stars have to be lined up just right for a tobacco to really shine. I say put it away for a while and come back to it. I did that with HH Mature Virginia and I really like it now.


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That's why I never write-off a toby until I've smoked multiple bowls at different times of the day, in different pipes, and paired with different foods and beverages. Tobies that I did not like right at first have managed to grow on me, and I've found that I often prefer them at times of the day that I'd have never though I would enjoy them. Keep puffing and enjoy the journey.


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I would like to hear some comparisons of Acadian Perique with OJK or Haunted Bookshop. I believe they are all in the same category.

I've never tried the C&Ds.
Acadian Perique, to me, has more of an Oriental taste than either of the C&Ds and a LOT less Nic hit. I like the Acadian enough to keep a pound around, but, if I had to make the choice, I'd go with OJK every time.
I don't know if that comparison helps. Just my opinion.


Acadian Perique is ok, to my taste, but not splendid. I prefer Cornell's Bayou Morning & sometimes add a little extra perique to it. I agree with RTO that tobaccos taste different in different pipes. For instance I love MacBaren's Plumcake in my Dunhill shells, but not in the other pipes. Tobaccos also taste different at various times of the day, or may be affected by one's most recent meal.


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I always say give a blend a tin/pouch befopre ya make a conclusion on it ... I mean unless it's Something horrid like Radforsds Sundays fantasy .
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