My OTC Class System

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Posted this in another topic but thought it might need a thread of its own.

Classic American Burley Blends
(aka: OTC codger smokes, BurVa/VaBur, Burley forward, plain Burley, etc. These blends consist of primarily/mostly Burley tobacco with some Virginia added. Usually cased and topped with a mild, secret sweetener. If you really like one of these blends, there's a good chance you'll like at least some of the others)
-Prince Albert
-Carter Hall
-Sir Walter Raleigh
(The above three are the unofficial "trinity" of Classic American Burley, in my opinion)
-Kentucky Club Mild
-Sugar Barrel
-Five Brothers
-Middleton's Cherry Blend (arguably an aromatic, but not in my humble opinion. In fact, there may not be any cherry in this blend)
-Half and Half

Classic American Aromatic Blends
(Burley forward aromatics, light aromatics, non-Scandinavian style aromatics, etc)
-Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic
-Prince Albert Cherry Vanilla
-Prince Albert Soft Vanilla
-Paladin Black Cherry (Much maligned)
-Middleton's Apple (Arguably belongs in the Classic Burley category?)
-Middleton's Wine Berry

Regular Cavendish Aromatic Blends
(Basic aromatics, similar to Borkum Riff. Usually heavily cased and topped Cavendish/Black Cavendish-based blends.)
-Captain Black Regular/White
-CB Cherry
-CB Gold
-CB Round Taste
-CB Royal
-CB Dark
-Lane Bulk Aromatics (Blends such as 1Q, Verry Cherry, etc. Too many to list right now)

Other American Classic Blends
(Old American blends that don't fit into the above categories.)
-Middleton's Walnut (English-style blend)
-Mixture No.79 (Much maligned)
-Kentucky Club Mixture
-Kentucky Club Continental

I'm sure I've left some blends out. Feel free to correct, praise, and/or criticize my classifications of "OTCs" :)

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