My wife is a "Pipe Snob"

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I've seem some nice Dr G's but, truth be told, the majority of Dr G's (especially the rusticated) pipes are plain and ugly. I mean... what fifth grader came up with their rustication technique? Sometimes I think someone said, "Whoops... slipped with the Dremil... guess we're going with this rustication design guys. Take a good look and start duplicating."

Now I understand it's timely and potentially more expensive to mass produce beautifully rusticated pipes but, seriously, couldn't they raise the price a few bucks and do it right? Dr G could solve your problem right there.
Pipes are meant to be used and enjoyed. If you smoke in rougher surroundings like you mention, by all means dedicate a good pipe to being your beater pipe and enjoy it.
When you break down the cost of a good pipe over time, it doesn't cost that much and is worth it every time you light it up.


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I think I will start using one of my older Pete's in place of a Dr. G. And reserve my cobs for fishing, where I am very likely to loose one.
This is an urgent problem that can only be resolved by having her carry it to its logical extent: a complete refurbishing of your entire collection in accordance with her wishes.
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