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New addition from Meerschaumstore.com

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I decided to spoil myself with a new meerschaum pipe and, after looking thru a couple of websites, i settled on meerschaumstore.com. I have no affiliation by the way.

I pulled the trigger on a ready claw and egg on December 20 and have been waiting anxiously since.

To my pleasant surprise, i checked the UPS tracking info yesterday and discovered that the thing was to be delivered today!

The package arrived about 9 this morning and i could not be more pleased. The pipe is exceptionally beautiful! And delivered in 9 day!

It is larger than i thought and carved with increadible beauty. I am delighted.

Judge for yourself...



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Congrats. Since my primary interest in meers is how they smoke, mine are all smoothh traditional shapes.

Sometimes on this forum it seems the only meers worth buying are Baki, IMP and Altinok. Yet I find myself enjoying my $45.00 Paykoc nearly as much as my IMP.

Thank you for pointing out that there are choices other than the big three.

I can't help wondering where the initial idea for the claw design came from, to me it screams of swords and sorcery aesthetics. I guess its much more likely that modern fantasy literature/imagery picked up influences from history, or in other words, that the design predates such literature by a wide margin.

Well there are antique meers with the claw so it obviously not modern, actually the opposite. However I can't find anything regarding meer designs in general, much of what is written on the internet is just copied from the usual general information on meers.


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The carvers name sounds very familiar. Altinok use to have a carver with that name. Exceptional work and one beautiful pipe!!


Wow as well.. just a beautiful pipe... I have chatted with Meer Queen on another pipe forum.. very nice person... and everything really is museum quality... I hope to save some pennies... wait I am PAD.. who am I kidding... but I will be buying a pipe from them sometime this year. On a personal note.. I just picked up a 1980's Nording African Block meerschaum that I will post a picture of over the weekend.. now that I know how to upload pictures.
Again.. just a beautiful pipe.

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