new Medico pipes

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I bought a lot of estate pipes, each made by Medico and they have a distinct taste to them, one I'm not entirely fond of. Am I to understand that this is how they were made or is the taste there because of the prior smoker? Furthermore, will the taste become better the more I smoke out of the pipe? :puff:


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briar_poling said:
I did clean them using the salt method too with rum and sea salt.
Do they all taste the same? It could be a ghost of the last tobacco smoked in them? The rum you used could be leaving an aftertaste, was it 151 or a cheap rum?
all stems are black and I cleaned them pretty vigorously when I got them. I used captain morgan 70 proof rum...too low of an alcohol percentage? I just like the taste. yeah...all the pipes taste pretty much the same. I used the rum in first pipe, a pipe I bought from a cigar store about a year back and it tastes pretty good in my unexperienced opinion anyways.:puff:
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