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Im a cigarette smoker and many of my friends smoke pipes at work and its starting to grow on me. I just purchased a Savinelli Venezia pipe 920ks dublin. The link is below if you wish to check out.
Tell me if I made a good choice. Spent hours looking and finally after 100's of pictures I knew that was what I wanted.
Is Savinelli good?

My question is what tobacco should I buy? What good and fairly inexpensive?
Do I buy cigarette tobacco. I want something I will like.
That should do just fine for your first pipe. I would recommend starting out sampling lots of different kinds of pipe tobacco first, to get a handle on what kinds you may like. Pipe tobacco is in my experience the most economically friendly tobacco. (you get a good amount for a fair price...generally.) Shop around the internet, pick out a few, and try them out.

On this forum you will probly hear lots of tobacco brands and types being thrown around. Pay attention and you can learn a lot.


Just from my own experience, if you are a cigarette smoker and want to start on the pipe with something that will be somewhat familiar, a straight Virginia or Virginia/Burley is probably the place to start.

Don't put cigarette tobacco in your pipe; it's too dry and cut all wrong, and it won't be a good smoke at all.

YMMV, and you know what they say about opinions.


First of all get yourself some cobs. If you are brand new to tobacco there will be blends you don't like and the stronger ones can ghost your pipe. Try them in cobs first to see what you want to keep and what you want to toss.

Cigarette tobacco usually doesn't do well in a pipe. It becomes very harsh and can burn very hot. I'm speaking from experience and I've got the blisters on my tongue to prove it! In my younger days I often was without good pipe tobacco and I've been known to tear up a cigarette and stuff it in a pipe.

Prince Albert is commonly known as a drug store burley. I happen to love the stuff. It's cheap and tastes great to me. Your mileage may vary.


Savinelli is great. Should be good.

I find a pipe tobacco that is too cigarette-ish for me, and strong enough to satisfy a nicotine urge, is Peterson Irish Oak. It's more expensive than some though.

Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake would be a good starter too, and it's pretty cheap.


You've noticed Prince Albert mentioned a lot already. Makes a good base to get to know your pipe and your smoke and most pipers will advise you to avoid the over flavored preservative laced trash just as a serious cigar smoker would try to steer you away from grape and strawberry cigars.

Rule of thumb; If you can smell the tobacco through the pouch, run Forrest run.
the good news is your friends smoke pipes. Ask what they smoke maybe get a bowl from them. they can offer you alot of help on pipes and tobacs.Also trading unused tins is a good way of trying new stuff. alot of folks dont have other pipe smoker around.


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As a cigarette smoker, go straight to something strong enough, with a big nicotine hit to keep you off the butts. I recommend Gawith and Hoggarth or Samuel Gawith products. I recommend G&H Sliced Brown Twist, G&H Kendal Kentucky, G&H Dark Birdseye, and SG 1792 to start. As a cigarette smoker, you aren't particularly craving the taste, just the nicotine. All the above are easy to smoke, and will do the job.
cigarette every couple of days, petersons perfect plug has helped me out quite a bit, good nicotine hit nice taste, did need a bit of drying, that and maybe try a virginia perique blend. good amounts of nicotine in some and kinda cigarette tasting.
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