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New to Pipe Tobacco

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I recently bought an assortment of tobaccos to try since I am new to pipes. So far I am less than impressed with the ones I have tried. I have been smoking cigars for many years now and I normally prefer strong to very strong smokes (cubans in particular) . I would like your opinion, seasoned smokers, on the following brands I have in my assortment. I am also full aware you get what you pay for. Any recommendations? Thank you all

Sail - aromatic & natural
Skandinavik - Full aroma & regular
Troost - aromatic
John Bull
Cest La Vie - aromatic
Erin Go Bragh -Irish Whiskey


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I've smoked the first 3 on your list. Sail makes a good all-day smoke for me. Skandinavik & Troost were ok but I'll likely not get any more of them. Suggesting tobacco mixtures is very tough without knowing what sort of taste you like. If you like cigars you might like Hearth & Home's Virginia Spice because it does have some cigar leaf in it.


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Bear in mind that it takes a few months to get the knack of pipe smoking. Until then, you will probably find that you are puffing too hard to keep the pipe lit. This destroys the flavour of the tobacco. I haven't tried any of the tobaccos you have listed so can't offer any advice specific to them but if you are looking for more obvious flavour, try something with Latakia in it. A decent starting point with that is Dunhill Nightcap since you like the stronger tobaccos.

If you want high nicotine, which can be a problem for newer pipe smokers since the heavy puffing means that the nicotine can get overwhelming fairly quickly, a lot of the Cornell & Diehl Burley blends have a fair hit of nicotine. I like Night Train, although the 'crumble cake' cut can be a bit fiddly to get the hang of.

Good point buistd. I find myself puffing like a chimney and hard as well. I need to learn to slow it down more. I did notice that the packing has a lot to do with keeping it lit. I've been highly interested in trying the C&D's, so thanks.
Another question; since my only point of reference are Cigars, is pipe tobacco a smoother type of smoke or does it depend mostly on the brand and blend?


I came from cigars and haven't looked back since I really learned pipes, but it did take some time to appreciate pipe tobacco for what it is instead of trying to replicate the cigar experience in a pipe. Pipe tobacco, in general, has a more subtle flavor than a cigar, it took me a couple of weeks of not smoking cigars, or anything else, then only working on learning pipes to begin to appreciate the pipe tobacco. You may want try some non-aromatic tobaccos, like VAs and English blends, if you appreciate the natural tobacco of a good cigar. If you want to try a cigar like pipe tobacco, try Tambolaka or some of the Gawith Hoggarth twists, those are some of the more cigar-tasting pipe tobaccos I have tasted.

From your list I can only speak to Sail Natural. It's good stuff with a unique flavor to it. Just remember, pipe tobac is usually a lot more subtle than a cigar. Go real easy with it and you might be surprised.

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