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Hello Gents. Just wanted to say hello. I'm a newer puffer and I've been lurking a bit. I'm a New Englander looking forward to the fall and the gorgeous evenings fit for a perfect smoke.

UPS man just left me the Victory Lap Sampler from and now I'm enjoying a nice smoke on my patio at the moment with a glass of scotch and my dog. Trying Larry's Blend in my Aldo Velani. Really nice earthy tobacco with a slight spice.

Cheers and happy puffing!


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Your still in 7/3 probation, so keep posting and then you'll be able to post pics and PM.

Gotta keep the spammers out.... :dunno:


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Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. And thanks for mentioning Larry's Blend... sound really good and I have just added it to my TAD list
Welcome to this great fourm, you will enjoy your stay there are some really good people here with a wealth of information here as well. And btw that pipe is gorgeous!!


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Hi and Welcome to the forum - hope you enjoy your time with us and look forward to reading your posts.

The pipe looks lovely, a glass of Scotch always goes down well and as for Autumn - I don't think you can beat it!

Happy smoking



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Welcome, K! See? You've already
been reduced to a single letter!
You're already fitting in. Nice
pipe. What Scotch are you drinking?
Maybe post it over in the Scotch


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Ah, autumn in New England. I was just thinking about it today, wondering if the leaves are going to turn down here in New Orleans. Best place that time of year for a smoke outdoors. Welcome aboard.

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