New tobaccos were here when I got home tonight

Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by ErichPryde, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. ErichPryde

    ErichPryde Member

    Jun 14, 2010
    So when I got home this evening my wife had left a package for me on the counter. A box arrived from smokingpipes! It contained a tin of McClelland Legends, FMOTT, Larsen Signature, and an estate radice (but this thread is about the tobaccos, not the pipe).

    Anyway, I ended up briefly trying all three, and thought I'd post some impressions.

    Legends: Upon opening the tin I was immediately struck with a funky, slightly off-putting smell. Very, VERY smoky stuff. I'm pretty sure this has enough smoke to give an Islay like Ardbeg a serious run for their money. Splintered cedar shows up in here somewhere, and just the barest hint of sugar. I mean, you really, really have to hunt for it. not a sweet smelling tobacco by any means.

    Loading it into a pipe, I was actually concerned- I really didn't want a tobacco that tasted like scotch. Thankfully, that was not the case! Very pleasant and smooth smoke! The most surprising thing to me is how much the smoke this stuff gave off reminded me of camp fire smoke. This last weekend I was in the middle of Tonto national forest at 5,500 feet on some family land camping. There's almost nothing out there but pine trees. The smoke smells very similar to that to me.

    What surprised me the most is that there was no tongue bite whatsoever. I mean, I could beat on this, draw too hard, you name it- no tongue bite. Just cool and enjoyable smoke. It stayed lit easily as well.

    Next I popped the tin of Larsen. Oh man this stuff smells amazing! Super creamy, it immediately reminded me of my grand-mother's pound cake. Also, there's a coffee shop down the road that makes some exceptionally smooth mochas, and this smells a bit like one of their Vanilla fudge mochas in a way. Absolutely stunning tin smell.

    Of course there had to be a role reversal here! While I found the legends downright pleasant (if not a bit different than I was used to) this stuff wasn't quite as cooperative. It lit well, but immediately started to burn hot. I got lots of tongue bite and little flavor. The tongue bite was a bit off-putting, I haven't been bitten that badly since I was brand new to smoking!

    Once it cooled down it had a pleasant flavor, but of course was nothing like the tin smell. Most of the taste was coming from whatever was added and it almost could have been any other aromatic (perhaps a bit better). The smoke smelled very good, though.

    Then I moved onto the Frog Morton on the Town. I didn't realize that this had Latakia in it as well (which has to be that piny smell!), but having already encountered that particular "nose" I didn't worry about this one quite as much. The smoke is there, but significantly less so than the Legends. while the legends is scoffing at Ardbeg, this guy is more eyeing something like Highland park when it comes to smoke levels. Also, perhaps this one smells a bit sweeter than the Legends.

    Again a spectacular smoke! Like the legends, this stuff would. not. smoke. hot. Holy crap, From the tin to the pipe and it was just easy going, stayed lit, cool smoking stuff.

    I think right now the edge is leaning towards FMOTT (between it and Legends) as although they are both good, I currently seem to find the morton more approachable.

    Anyway, as I smoke them more, I am sure my tastes will change. I think the next order will have to consist of a couple of good virginias, as I only have one of those right now.

  2. erickghint

    erickghint Member

    Sep 3, 2009
    Always fun to get packages. :) Especially those filled with tobacco and briar. Glad to hear you got a couple you like. Now, head over and post some pics of that Radice!
  3. Deckard

    Deckard Active Member

    Jan 29, 2010
    You've learned a valuable lesson: the better it smells in the tin or to bystanders, the worse it usually tastes to the smoker.
  4. Dondi

    Dondi Active Member

    Jan 7, 2010
    And the worse it smells in the tin, the better it usually tastes to the smoker

    (those of you who have experienced the tin aroma of a newly opened tin of GLP Robusto may know whereof I speak)
  5. Falconeer

    Falconeer Active Member

    Dec 25, 2009

    Nothing nicer than getting a long awaited package - glad there's at least two in there you like,


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