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I am new to the forums and perhaps should browse around a bit before I begin bragging about my newest "child" But I have what is now my most favored pipe. If any of you have gotten a Mark Balkovec pipe you will know what I mean. The man is great. This pipe was a custom make just for me. He may be a newer pipe maker but this thing smokes insanely well. Enough rambling about this new pipe, I may as well just show it to you.

I wont post a link to his website or youtube cause I know there is no advertising here. I am not affiliated with him in any way, just a very satisfied customer who wants to really show off this beauty. What do you all think?


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Hi All,

The Good Lord in His Infinite Wisdom having seen fit to issue me with a large nose I'm not a fan of shorter pipes - but that one has a style, character and charm all of its own.

Many Happy Years with it!

Very slick indeed. I like the color combo. I wouldn't assume blue to be a normal color used in a pipe but it sho nuff works just fine in this pipe doesn't it?
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