No Longer A Newbie ?

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Well Guys (and Gals)
I have been smoking my pipes for around 3 months or so now and id like to offer my review , thoughts and experience for any one else thinking of venturing down this path.
My wife says i can have a many hobbies as i like so long as i pay for them my self, but pipe smoking is free......
Let me explain
In 3 short months i started with my grandfathers collection which is more than most start with i know but i knew nothing about pipes and little did i know i was opening pandoras box!

I then bought a couple of local blends (you might have heard of them Condor and ST Bruno!)
and a couple of tentative estate purchases on Ebay for a few pounds!

Then like most of my hobbies i look for a way to make money out of them so it becomes self financing,

As some of you already know i bought a huge job lot of pipes (approx 300) and believe me you learn an awful lot about pipes when you have 300 to play with.

Many many hours of crawling over this forum and ebay has taught me about makers and brands other websites and even other pipe forums.

After a couple of practice restores (thanks Buist) i can clean and restore pipes and offer them up for sale and have made a healthy profit which pays for all my baccy requirements.
I have bought tools specifically to help me restore pipes which makes the end product better and sell for a higher price.
Also thanks to the above member who sent me a large sample pack of baccy's both english and American Blends that i would never have tried otherwise.

I now know the difference between different types of baccy and more importantly know the types i like best.

I have sent an antique pipe to America for repair and it has returned to become one of my favourite pipes.
I have built a custom made pipe cabinet to my own specifications which now takes pride of place in my home.

i have sold pipes that have appeared on other forums and their new owners are showing them off which gives me a warm glow inside.
Hobbie may come and hobbies may go but i will always be a pipe smoker!

sorry if all this sound a bit self indulgent ( i blame the merlot) but i really want to thank you guys because i would'nt be in the pipe smoking place im in now without this forum.
I can hear some of the old farts now "what does he know?" but im a fast learner and remember this
todays newbies are tommorows old farts

bless you all happy thanksgiving


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You've learned far more in your 3 months as a pipe smoker than I learned in my 15 or so YEARS of pipe smoking, so your definately no newbie in my mind! We all can keep learning and benefiting from each other here on this forum. I learned and learn all sorts of things here on PSF and hope to continue doing so as long as I can!


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Just my opinion, but you're pro'lly the newest "Old Fart" on the board. It's not how long the road, but the journey itself....I'd say you've been on quite a journey! Welcome to the club..............


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Great post.. it's a fantastic journey you're on..
I've only been at it a few years. There are times I still feel like a newbie.
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