Not sure I'm worthy enough....

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Everyone pretty much covered it. All I have to say is even if you enjoy the MM Cob & CH don't let that limit you. Over 40 years pipes I have had different phases. Early on I smoked only cobs & aromatics. Then later Kaywoodies, Dunhills etc and Capstan. In my recent phase I smoke a variety of Virginias in mostly Petersons. Loved each phase on its own. Change is fun. I pick up new hobbies and slow down on old hobbies, only to cycle to the old hobbies, then discover something new. Never be so satisfied as not to try new. And yes this forum is a great place to learn, share and be inspired!


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If you smoke cigarettes your going to smoke one brand only. Your not going to smoke a Marlboro followed by a Winston and a Lucky Strike in the afternoon. Cigarettes are basically all the same. Why limit yourself in your pipe smoking if your a wee bit curious on what else is out there? You can turn in a few pounds of aluminum cans and buy a Grabow at Walgreens. You can start out with some OTC's or try some samples from a local B&M if your lucky to have one in your area. You don't have to break the bank to satisfy your curiosity. I smoke a pipe not because I'm addicted to it, it's because I enjoy it. The style of pipes, the many different's endless, never boring. Get out of the box and experiment a bit. Your retired, you earned it. Enjoy!!


Rondel, unfortunately I am not retired. I should have said I might start pre-spending my retirement.

Thanks everyone for al of the suggestions.
For me, there are too many interesting blends out there not to try and sample as many as I can. Coming to this from cigars, the spectrum of tastes you can experience from pipe tobacco is astounding. I think it's well worth exploring. Return to the Carter Hall...but venture out a bit too. If you've got a local brick & mortar it's likely you can get a a variety of 1-2 ounce samples for under $15.
I got bored today and cleaned out the garage. I smoked pipe on and off for the last 10 years. I was going thru my tool box and found a "Bright Leaf" briar, a small meerschaum and another really small briar I kept in my overalls on jobs when you could smoke.

Well I have started smoking a pipe again and I love it! The problem is websites like this one, but the more a read I might be missing out. Custom carved briars, aged flakes, etc... Am I wrong for loving a MM cob and some Carl Hall?

I know I can be cheap. I drove a car for 19 years and 250,00 miles, only had 2 kids and have not traded in the wife yet (I have had her for 27 years). I drink cheap Vodka. Tequila and Whisky. Oh and PBR beer.

Am I going to be happy with my cobs and some Hall or should I start spending my retirement on some new pipes and tobacco?
Aye Butts, I know what ye be saying.. Been smoking "cheap" pipes for over 40yrs and came online to pipes about a yr ago. Now I feel like I am behind the times. I bought a couple of pipes for about $30 and when I spent me first $50 on a pipe I got the shakes. But, man does it smoke good!! Now I still pull out me $10 pipes daily load up with some CH, PA, Lane and others. Then when I found this and other sites I started to get blends and got hooked. The flavors of blends is amazing!!

You are on an adventure, enjoy the ride!
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