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atlharp said:
Lazy day spent indoors in the recliner.

Smoking GOC Macedonian Mixture out of the Savinelli Poker. Dr. Pepper on the side. :puff:

Got to order me a sampler of their blends...

McC DNF in the Brebbia 880, Long Trail Ale on the side & doing a case study write up :(
Rugbysh9 said:
Got to order me a sampler of their blends.

FMOTT in a new Peterson Samhain. Rugs if you want to try a sampler of those blends let me know as we can go in on an order.I'd love to try the Macedonian blend as I always loved BS,of old. Let me know by PM or otherwise.They are quite pricey though,but I'm game.OK?:bing:
Hey Jesla,Thanks a lot buddy.However I think you guys have more than us right now.Be careful if you must go out,ole Buddy. WHATS THIS ABOUT GLOBEL WARMING?,Its Freezing here in Long Island.I'm not Kidding Man.:) PS you always have my favorites on your tubes, Dude! We really do have a lot in common.:)
(Jesla, you can't do much better than ELP.) :puff:[/quote]

WHAT!! I don't think so.When your in the mood. It depends on your point of view,and where your coming from.:D We are straying off topic,which is my forte,unfortunately:XD:
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