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last month or so, I haven't been able to smoke outdoors or on the patio.... gotta stay inside and turn the aircon on full blast!

I have noticed my pipes take longer to dry out too..

now enjoying spilman/robusto mixture in a celtic 69.... with the aircon on full!
only time I smoke outdoors is during our meetings at that outdoor cafe. Gives us a reason to buy more pipes, so rotation takes longer and pipes are drier :groucho: , just bought a zippo/peterson pipe lighter set at SM MOA zippo boutique :jig:

Still smoking previous.


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Just opened a tin of McClelland's Blending Oriental and smoking half a bowl in my Tinsky bent billiard... I'm liking the herbal spiciness, and looking forward to blending some of this with Peterson Sherlock Holmes :groucho:


MacB VA Blend in a Peterson Donegal Rocky #106 "Zippo" Just the same as the one Barako got. It's a very nice Billiard and the Peterson logo on the zippo is just so cool.

@Barako how do you like it?


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had a marathon last night.

RRR in my Dunhill chestnut
Orlik GS in my bent Sav.
Town Topic in ....oh, I can't remember
and more Orlik in my other Sav.

This put me into an N-trance where I stared
blankly out over the city lights for an undetermined time.


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MacB Dark Twist Roll Cake in a MM Mini Ozark (short stem, 1"). Great little smokin' pipe. Nice 15 minutes of pleasure! Yeah, it's still hot out and the "quickie" lets me jump back into AC quickly. Got kids and doggies in the house - don't want to force them to smoke.........

Ed Puff!


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FVF in teh longmire diplo

Edit: the bowl is getting low and i've been doing my "no tamping" thing all this week.. i swear it tastes like root beer. is this normal? i packed this bowl lighter than usual and i'm noticing a weird malty sweet taste and almost cinammon notes, which i've never in my life gotten from this tobacco.


Some rim charring is to be expected.
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A long leisurely smoke of Tudor Castle in my Hackert MM Freehand...sweet tea on the side, discussing 'Where does the time fly?' with my wife on our son's 18th B-day. Sheesh.
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