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Just fired of T&C's Hobbit's Weed in my cob dedicated to aro's. I am a newby to true aro's. I have to say I like it. Lots of cherry and vanilla but I can still taste the toby. It is very nice w/ a side of coffee.


Puff The Magic

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Busy day and a bunch o'smokin'!

McCr '96 Red Flake in a T. West bulldoggie, :coffee:

TB Reserve 1928 in "Monica" Tinsky (CC 517, nekked coral), :coffee:

H&H Anni Kake in a CCSS "redhead", :coffee:

H&H Marble Kake in a Winslow Crown Viking, :coffee:

H&H Marble Kake in a 4evah-stem'd MM Dip, iced h2o

H&H LJ Heart Burley in a 4evah-stem'd MM Washington, iced h2o

Just lit up

H&H LJ Heart Va in a 4evah-stem'd MM CCSS "blondie", iced h2o

Ed Puff!
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Wow Ed!! I thought I was reading a list of available tobaccos from an online 'bacconist.

I can't compete with that day of puffing! :bow:

For me, for now... Larry's Blend in a Ser Jacopo Calabash.
Revor Plug in a Stanwell, on the balcony looking at the snow covered neighbourhood listening too the great Live at the Cellar Door by The Seldom Scene, drinking whiskey and coke.
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