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Carter Hall in a cob. It's nice enough stuff, but I have decided I really do prefer Prince Albert. A little more flavor and nicotine in my opinion. Carter Hall tastes just as good, but the flavor is more subtle. It's got it's time and place I suppose, but I doubt I'll ever buy a tub of it.


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Louisiana Flake in a Sasquatch.....:th1::th1:

Strange how I didn't like this blend last summer and now I'm smoking back to back bowls of it. I'm really digging the cocoa/nut VaPer thing. Sounds weird, taste great!


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Good Morning,

Back to the Basics. P&W 400 in a Squatch Wonderwood. I've had a bunch of tins opened lately, all good stuff, but none holding a candle to the 400.


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G&H Ennerdale (thanks :yy: ) in
a Savinelli 316 KS. I actually didn't
hate it. Had to let it dry out for
six hours, but I believe that's normal
for a lake district blend.

Picked up a tin of Dan's Malthouse last night. Thought it might be good since it is cased in single malt scotch. I loved the smell and the shaggy, sliced cut. Tried a bowl in my Meer and it was really nice, a good smoke for sure.
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