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Official 2014 POY Poll (part 1)

Budget for the 2014 Pipe of the Year?

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I'm more than likely going to be going through a tight year money-wise, but I'm sure I'll be able to piece together 60-80 for the right pipe.

Although if it was priced in one of the adjacent brackets I'm sure I'd be okay with that too. Looking forwards to when this ball gets rolling!
I cast my vote smack in the middle but to me the cost doesn´t really matter (within reason). I agree that the POY should be affordable so that it´s within reach for as many members as possible. Still, as we´re talking briar and (I assume) want decent quality I guess we´re in 100 dollar territory. Unless we get a really sweet deal. Still, I´ve got enough good/expensive briars (as well as cheap ones) but I haven´t got a POY so I´m game for anything.
I'm amazed how many people say we need to spend alot to get a good pipe, but last year didn't we prove otherwise?
Well, one can discuss what "need" means as well as what is "a lot" or what makes a "good pipe". There are lesser and better pipes in all price ranges and what is a lot of money varies vastly frpm person to person. Regarding yesteryears pipe I cannot comment since I´ve never seen one IRL. I want a special pipe and whatever pipe makes the 2014 POY it will, of course, be special. So I´m willing to splurge if necessary.

edit. Some of my favourite pipes, which are very high quality, I´ve bought (new) for 30-40 dollars a piece but these I consider exceptions. If, however, we could persuade mr Zavvos to produce the 2014 POY in that price range I´d be confident that we´d get our moneys worth.
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Official PSF 2014 POY Pricing Poll Results are in.

$6o-$80 is the overwhelming winner. That'll get us a nice pipe.

Marker and I have been contacting potential pipe producers to discuss which shapes/ finishes are available to us. We are still waiting on responses from a couple of folks and will post the Shape Poll as soon as we are able.

Please bear with us during this temporary pause.. We are trying to get you some real options/alternatives and that takes a little time.

Thank You very much for voting!
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