One week without cigarettes

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It's been one week since I've stopped smoking cigarettes and I've come into a pleasant surprise: The enjoyment I get from pipes and cigars has doubled, not because they still supply me with my nicotine, but because I'm no longer smoking pipes and cigars for their nicotine.

Because of that the rate in which I enjoy a bowl or cigar has slowed, allowing me to relax and enjoy the characteristics of the individual tobaccos. Pipes and cigars are no longer a varied form to get my fix, they're a way for me to sit and introspect, sample the many blends and note their traits, and has breathed new life into my hobby.

Just a little reassurance to those who may want to quit using cigarettes; once you shake the "gimme my fix" line of thought, pipes and cigars become a much more spiritual outlet of stress and form of enjoyment. Have a good one, all.


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congrats man, I'm in a constant struggle to keep off cigs... The only times I smoke cigs anymore (other than when completely drunk) is when I'm getting tattooed (because I want a quick nic hit and then get back into the session, tried snuff but it doesn't agree with me).
Hopefully one day I will be totally off cigs.
I had a similar experience ToaccJoe :toast: - I gave up cigarettes about 3 weeks ago; while I was a regular cigarette smoker, pipes or cigars never really satisfied my nicotine cravings. Now, while I still use an e-cigarette occasionally, my pipe and cigars are usually plenty. I'm much more relaxed, and smoking is much more about enjoying the tobacco than getting a fix :puffy:

Apart from this morning, I haven't smoked a cigarette since - and I don't feel too guilty about falling off the wagon this morning, as I was about to do a 175 foot bungee jump for charity. The guy I scrounged it off said "It's menthol"; I said as long as it had tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in, I didn't care! :D
Glad to hear that others in the same boat are doing well. Every now and then there's gonna be a slip up, but as long as one has the will power to start up the fight again and keep going you're going strong.

Plus, you were about to freaking bungee jump. That's a circumstance that no one can hold against you. Miracle Child.
Miracle Child and ToaccJoe Welcome aboard. It would take a lot more than just a cigarette to get me to make that jump. You wouldn't even catch me getting close enough to look down.
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