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Opening up the bit

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Does anyone else open up the bits when restoring estate pipes?

I use a graduated set of mm drill bits in my dremel, on the slowest speed, to do this. I start with a small drill bit that goes in and work up to approximately .090 mm - which allows extra large fluffy pipe cleaners to easily pass. And a very easy airflow. The drill bits also clean out most of the crud in the stems which saves time, when I continue cleaning them out with alcohol and pipe cleaners.

Before and after photos:

Here's another one where I only drilled a hole but didn't do the entire slot. It works just as well.


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I have not, but that's a good idea.

I have one pipe that has such a narrow bit that it can't even pass a standard pipe cleaner...much less one of those extra fluffy ones. I was toying with the idea of picking up some of those narrow Falcon pipe cleaners. We'll see...
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