Out of all your pipes, how many get regular usage?

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I was looking at my collection today (13 pipes, nothing compared to some of you out there).
When I realized that only 3 or 4 get really common use, the others just get an occasional bowl here and there when I'm not in the mood for one of my regular smokes or while they are resting.
Is anyone else like this or do you guys tend to see regular usage with all your pipes?

Just FYI my most regular smokes are:
Pete elegant bent meer (DH nightcap)
Pete bent Irish harp briar (highland whiskey or something equivelant)
Mm diplomat cob (ch, so glad I finally got this bacy! I'm going through it fast!)
And recently my jake hackert briar (FMONB) new pipe and new tobacco but I've really taken to this one!


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Som'ers round 60 pipes in working condition, several more that need refurbing. Most of the 60 see flame from time to time but there's p'raps 15 briar that see regular use. The remaining 3 cobs also get daily abuse, erm, use that is (-;


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For briars I find myself reaching for my Peterson 31 system pipe. I think I smoke this one the most (of my briars) because it hangs just right from my mouth, and due to the stem and that it's a system pipe, I can take her apart for a cleaning without cooling it down. Then I usually load her back up and blaze away again.

But recently I've found myself smoking the hell out of my POY's. One is a regular straight and the other is a nose warmer. Ever since I got them I have just fallen in love with these two.


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I try to smoke all my pipes (16 and one on the way) in a steady rotation. If there is a pipe that doesn't get smoked it goes away. The ones that get slightly more use than the others are an old Savinelli and an old Saseini. The cob gets a smoke about every day, and the Oom Paul get slightly less use.


I've got about 100 pipes. Only about 20 see regular use. I'm thinking of packing those that I seldom smoke away. If I don't miss them after a year, I'll just get rid of the lot.


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I have about 20 and I smoke all of them in rotation with the exception of a leather clad which I got about 40 years ago. It's beginning to get into bad condition and it couldn't be restored. I'm too fond of it to use it till it gets in horrible condition.
I don't know how many I have but all of them get a steady use. Nice to have a long rotation since they get enough drying time.


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About 50 meerschaums and except for the 2 I haven't smoked (considering selling them but haven't gotten 'round to it), they all get regular use.

Only about a dozen briars left and I smoke 4 on a somewhat regular basis, which for briars is about once for every 100 meers.


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I have pipes that are dedicated to specific blends or styles I dont smoke much. Nine of my thirteen see regular usage.
I have about 20. Lately, the ones that get the fewest smokes are the bigger ones just because I haven't had many chances to sit and smoke for an hour. It's been a lot of smaller, more clenchable cobs and briars.

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Stop it with the thread with homework. :xd:

I had to do a count. After the question was raised. I could not stop myself. I have 14 pipes out -- a mix of briars, cobs and one meer -- and active, another 14 that are not out (all briars), but I pull out about six of them on a regular basis. My pipe bag has four pipes, but when I go out for coffee and a smoke usually only about two of those get any work. Three are sitting on a shelf waiting to visit Dave at Walker Briar Works. (Oh, and a meer is on order.) Since I work at home smoking is pretty much when I feel like it and most of those active pipes get a little work mostly every day, although some may get a day off between smokes.


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35 meerschaums....these all see tobacco on a regular basis.
15 briars....these see occasional use, maybe one or two a week.
5 cobs....very rarely
4 clays...same as the cobs


A quick headcount gives me... 13 pipes total. I smoke all of 6 of them regularly. I smoke 4 of my Dr. Grabows religiously, with a Pete and a Mr. Brog coming in a close second. My cobs are packed up, but I really like them during the summer months. I have a Bjarne I'm trying to get rid of, but just can't bring myself to unload it on someone else, as it just doesn't smoke well for me at all.
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