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Patching a large stem hole

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Let us know how it turns out.

I let the extra mixed epoxy sit out in the air so that I could test it from time to time to estimate when it was cured. It seemed to cure after an hour but remained somewhat flexible. It was still flexible after two days. I was expecting the epoxy to get hard, like superglue does, but it never did. I guess that's the properties of epoxy.
I bought some 5 min. epoxy. Two tubes that mix together. I will try that. It says hard in 5 min, must be different stuff. Wonder why the JB weld didn't work? What about black super glue with a pinch of stem dust instead? I'm thinking my repair crumbled because I had too much dust to not enough glue. Could try adjusting the ratio. Wondering if I should try that or the 5 min epoxy method? Hmmm.


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Not sure about the 5 minute stuff--when I was into the knife-making thing, the wisdom was that the slower curing the epoxy, the stronger the bond would be. Of course in this case, we're not actually "bonding" anything, but using it as a filler.
2 more large stem holes repaired with epoxy and superglue.
Give this a try. It seems to be working.

Original before sanding and smoothing the edges of the holes

Thick paper lightly coated with vaseline and pipe cleaners to hold it in place

After epoxy but before superglue

After superglue, sanding, and micromesh pads, but before final polishing

After polishing/buffing
Wow Holymolar that is really something! there are a few pipes at a used store here but I was afraid to but them and then end up having to find or buy new stems. Now that I have seen this I may just pick em up!
I'm using the slow set black epoxy from Stewart-McDonald. The same place where I got the black superglue.

I hope you do it on that stem you tried with superglue only. Let me know if it works.
I used superglue with vulcanite dust.
I will be ordering the epoxy from Stew-Mac!
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