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Peterson Christmas 2011 PAD

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Did someone mention that if you buy the Pete Xmas pipe you get a free tin of tobacco? I thought so, but I may just be old and suffering from CRS. If so...who offers that?

ObTopic: That's a nice looking billiard. The red ring sets off the green finish just right. Although, I find that I feel about green pipes pretty much the same way that I feel about blue guitars...it has to be "just right". ;)
Yeah, I ordered from Iwan Ries though this time. They didnt send me any toby. Stupid me, I should have ordered from smokingpipes .com, they always include a tin of toby when I order a Pete. I thought IR would have done the same.
It's too bad also because they have great customer service and the shipment came very quick. But if I can score a tin of toby, SP gets my business next time.
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