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Spending 5 hours to make a $70 knock-off/fake/counterfeit is more than worthwhile if your hired labor works tres cheap (think S.E.Asia). When i communicated with Peterson, they wanted to see my Pete "mistake" to check for authenticity and to correct the mistake if they found it to really be a Pete.



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No, Gunsmoke confused 'there' with they're. ("There not Rolexes" should read They're not Rolexes) Finally, an opportunity to say 'there', 'their', and 'they're' are not interchangeable words. Each one has a different meaning. Sorry, pet peeve. In the simplest terms possible, there is a place, their is a pronoun, they're is a contraction of they are.

This ain't personal to gunsmoke. It's a pet peeve, a neurotic obsession that extends to using 'to' and 'too' as interchangeable words. When you got more than you need you have TOO much, not to much.

To some people's minds, I am way too obsessed with these things. But they're not around when their miss wordings drive me into that wall over there. :)
I think you have to much time on you're hands.
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