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Peterson's University Flake

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This is a blend I really want to like, but don't really. I love the initial flavor and the aroma, and it's a nice medium bodied blend...but it tends to bite me or taste ashy by about 1/3 of the way into the bowl.

I don't think it's a bad blend at all, it just seems to be one that, no matter how I try, just doesn't play nice with me. I adore Irish Flake, though, and really enjoy Hyde Park. I ought to maybe try some more Peterson blends, but I don't know. Nutty Cut is good.

I really think that Hyde Park and Irish Flake are the two favorites of what I've tried though. I'd like to see more old fashioned British-y blends in the same vein as Hyde Park, though. To me it tastes like a GH blend with no floral elements.
Have you tried dumping the ash out say about half way through the bowl? That is what I do when it starts to taste ashy and believe it or not gets rid of the ashy taste for me. It goes back to being the same flavor as when first started for me.


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This post has made me want to crack one of my 3 year old tins of UF. Stuff ages great. Hey smokers What is the oldest tin you have ever smoked of UF? Just curious! :)
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