Picking through Frog Morton

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Hey everyone,

Well my package arrived with the FM series inside and I couldn't wait to try it! I lit up a bowl yesterday about this time and sat on my porch and relaxed thinking I was going to be able to decipher which flavor was which...and I think I did it!

On TR it says that the original FM has just Latakia and Virginia in it and so I came to the forums and looked at the thread about which tobacco flavors are which. So after reading about it I started sipping slowly and tasting the smoke. Snorking was involved too.

When I first sipped the smoke and exhaled it, I would get a very gentle almost faint sweet taste which was then followed by a smokey, sharp/sour taste but not a bad sour! I am assuming that the very feint sweetness was the VA talking to me, and then the Lat came to join the party too? I had a second bowl last night as well just to make sure I was tasting it right and that is my conclusion of the original Frog Morton.

Can someone tell me if I am correct on tasting this or is there more to it? I plan on smoking more just to make sure 100% I am correct on the taste.
Also do Lat blends become kind of harsh on your mouth at times? Not like Captain Black harsh but just a little harsh.

Thanks all,



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I would say you are tasting "correctly" whatever that means. The sweetness comes from the virginia, which is a black, stoved sort in FM, and that funny sharp tang and the campfire/smokey taste from the latakia. I don't know if all latakia blends could be called "harsh" - I deeply suspect that frog morton is coated with a bit of glycol - it never seems to dry out, and I find that bugs me as much as anything.

I'd say hit the Froggy on the Town next - you will see the difference between latakia proper and a bunch of other oriental leaves, notably basma, which offers a different sort of sharpness and a different sort of flavor - tea/cedar come to mind.


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You're pretty dead on with the flavor analysis. Though Latakia isn't harsh like Cap'n Black, or even a sharp Virginia that is puffed too hard, in my opinion it can kind of wear on you. Smoking a lot of it tends to fatigue my whole pallette, not just my tongue, but not in the "bitey" sense. I like it a lot, but I have to smoke different things to keep my taste for it.

I'm pretty bad with flavor analogies, but when you get to the FMOTB, that black pepper taste that stings the roof of your mouth a little bit is Perique. That one is pretty easy to describe. Learning to describe the flavors of the various Orientals is like graduate work, for me, anyway.
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