Picture of You Smoking a Pipe

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In the foreground is my wonder MIL, I am always telling you guys about.

My wife calls this my sinning picture. I'm smoking, drinking and gambling. We are at Bally's casino in Atlantic City, NJ using the one arm bandits.
I have lots of pleasant memories when my late MIL Joan, her "bingo buddy" June and I would go to the boats here. Joan would save up some spare change and have a set amount just for her fun and dinner at the buffett. But June had a bad problem with gambling- she ended up losing her home.


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This was a surprise shot but the only one I could find so here ya go. A friend of mine from the old days first response was "what's in that pipe?" I said "tobacco silly. I don't do that anymore". lol
Nice 'bash! And yeah, "what's in the pipe" is still something I get asked every now and then.


but then she doesn't know *exactly* how much it all cost, lol.
When I was in the gun trade we did that a lot, people would pay a deposit in cash on their way home from work, Then come in at the weekend with the wife and pay the balance on a card. Or just split it and only admit to the bit on the card.

I never knew you could buy a accuracy international with S&B for a grand ;)
It's not a great shot!
Put that's a great man with a great pipe! Another brilliant man with a beard, a bent pipe with a built-in windcover!
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("The Perfessor" has always been my alter-ego...seems my desk always looks like his...)
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