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pipe for virginia flakes

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I had a waaaay-too-long response typed up for this. In short I don't think that any pipe is better suited for VA flakes, flakes in general, or VA blends in general than any other pipe. Or rather, any style of pipe. All things being equal in terms of the quality of construction, some pipes just seem to perform the best with a certain type of blend, or even a certain specific blend. This cannot be accounted for outside of random chance. If all you smoke is VA flakes, than any good pipe will be a good pipe for VA flakes, but if you smoke a wide variety of blends then a pipe may be great for VA blends but ethereal when paired with, for instance, a latakia blend or burley.

So since I can't buy a pipe and expect it to perform best when matched with a specific tobacco, I can only buy a pipe with reasonable expectations of quality and then see what the pipe seems to favor, or rather what I tend to favor in said pipe.

That said, if I had a 100 dollar budget and was looking to buy a pipe with that money, I'd probably go with a Peterson. They take a while to break in in my (limited) experience with them when compared to Savinelli, but in said experience once they reach their potential they smoke better than Savinellis and seem more sturdy. Seeing as a pipe well cared for will last at LEAST until the end of your lifetime, a long break-in period is not to be taken into consideration unless it's your first pipe.

OT's picked a good looking pipe up there. Lately I've been wanting to give a churchwarden a try. I'd consider this:



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If you like the fold & stuff method, I'd get a briar with a 3/4" bore and a inside bowl height of 1.25" or more. For rubbed out Virginia, I'd go with a large 13/16" conical shape bowl, also briar.

While Burley tastes superior in a cob IMHO... Virginia ghosts oh so good in a briar. For $100? I'd probably get a Peterson, Neerup or Savinelli, but lean heavily toward the first two.


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Truth be told, I think any pipe will smoke any tobacco well.
:appl: Testify, brother!!!! :thu2:

Every time I'm asked which pipe works best for flakes, my response is "All of 'em. Pick your favorite pipe, load a flake or 3, and enjoy. Worrying about pipe shape and size is pointless".

I've put flakes in my smallest pipe (Group 5) and my biggest (Group 58) and it works beautifully in them all.
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