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Pipe info needed

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I was recently given a pipe my Grandfather had most of my life. He used to show me on occasion, and I am try to locate info on what it is as well as anything else I can find.

The pipe has written on the bottom "A Smokey Mountain Pipe" It is a carved pipe with Louis Armstrong's name in it as well as other band members, and other instruments. As far as I know he had the pipe for about 40 years, and he passed 16 years ago. It appears to be hand carved will post pictures asap. I can find and info on "Smokey Mountain Pipes at all. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you


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I can't wait to see the pictures Tod. It sounds like a really cool pipe. I'm sorry, but I haven't heard of Smokey Mountain Pipes either. There are a lot of PSFers with infinitely more knowledge on such things as I. Maybe you will get a hit...


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Maybe it was something that he bought while visiting the smokey Mtns Park ? Yeah man , put up a pic ...I'd like to see it too :)
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