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Got my throat operated on friday [ from singing ] and can't really talk for a week or so. It's been pretty quite which has led to me just thinking about random stuff to entertain myself cause I usually do some talking . Remembering being a teenager and buying my first pipe and tobacco . I'd smoke when I was in the woods alone cause my pals would give me greif about it , though cigarettes were ok ... go figure , and it had to be in the woods cause my ma and dad would have freaked . The woods where I lived in the N.W. corner of New Jersey near the Delaware Water gap was some killer woods . I had herd of deer on my property alot of the time and allways when the apples were maturing . So I lit my bent sandblast packed with Argosy and the woods became affected by me . I'd watch the smoke move in the air and think that the aroma is traveling with it around that hill or rock where I can't see . Sometimes I'd think and other times I'd watch while I smoked out there and it was very good for my soul. During the course of the next year or so I'd get to try only a few more blends . There wasn't alot of blends available in my town and hell , cordless phones were'nt invented yet , so the internet ... can you imagine back then... anyway. I had argosy, London Dock [liked that one alot] and apple [hated it] . It was'nt untill I was in a bigger town that I was talking with some guys at a pipe shop and got turned on to edgeworth. London Dock was real good but this stuff slayed me . Later I tried what my uncle smoked ... Three Nuns ... and that did it . My favorite by far . Every time I lite up the pipe it's just a continuation of those first days because of what I felt then I still feel when doing so . Ya gotta admitt , we talk alot about stuff and how much and how good or poor and all that. But the fact is .. pipe smoking is something that is more than a pleasure or vice for me . The pipe has been with me at the best times every time .. no matter how good or bad the times are. Thats a hell of a thing ... is it not . God bless the guys that grow , blend and sell this stuff .... cause I know it's alot of work .. but it sure as hell is easy to smoke a pipe because of them :thumb: ... Just some thoughts as I smoke some recently scored edgeworth in my first pipe..... my tugboat Italy pipe ..... bottom pipe second row from left ... http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab13/ruffinogold/Pipe Collection/2.jpg
That was a very nice story, kinda nice to read about fellow pipers stories on how they got started. And that pipe collection is looking mighty fine indeed.I hope your throat heals up quickly and good to get you back to singing and smoking a pipe, i wish ya all the luck!!!


That was a very nice story, kinda nice to read about fellow pipers stories on how they got started. And that pipe collection is looking mighty fine indeed.I hope your throat heals up quickly and good to get you back to singing and smoking a pipe, i wish ya all the luck!!!
Yes, thankyou ruffinogold for the great story. The forest has always touched my soul and refreshed me, which is why a lot of my poems are about the forest.


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Found that a truly interesting and lovely story. It's funny how things come back to you and the thoughts that drift through your head when you are enjoying a pipe - I can relate to everything you've written there; thank you very much for posting. Interesting, your Tugboat Special bears a resemblance to my Crawick Water which for me brought back simialar memories, only with me it is rivers running through hills that always did and still does it for me.

Hope you're soon rcovered and back to full fitness. Thanks once again for posting a great story



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Great story, Ruff! Makes me want
to send you some 3nuns. Appreciate
you sharing those fond memories
with us. cheers

Great story Ruff thanks for sharing.
Sounds similar to me. I used to ride horses and spent a lot of time in the bush. I used to idolize the stockmen and drovers of old and most of them smoked a pipe when you looked at old photos. So I guess this started the whole pipe thing and it has stayed ever since. My parents too would of freaked but they must of smelt the tobacco on my clothes.


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Great story amigo...a little insight into the person....thanks.
One of your pipes (bottom far right) *looks* exactly like a pipe I received from the estate of a dear friend in England, shortly after he passed...a gift from one of his sons. It's an old Speaker Preedy, and was well smoked, and well cared for. Good looking collection you have there......


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What made you buy that first pipe? Family smoker or just for the novelty of it?

I had a grandad who smoked a pipe [ Vanl. cavendish ] and as I said uncle frank smoked three nuns . My pop smoked cigars , cigarettes and a pipe at times though I only remember two times that I can see him smoking the pipe . Anytime a guy walked by somewhere smoking a pipe I would think of my family and how cool I though they were and figured that guy muct be alright as well cause he smoked a pipe . Anyway , my dad said never trust anyone who dosent have a vice and at the time when I started I didnt have one yet so I figured I'm a stand up guy .... better get one and make it a good one ... lol ... ;) Thanks for the get wells and all and by the way if anyone ever wants to send Three nuns [ the tobacco ] my way I'm all for it . Best blend ever !

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My favorite posts are when I learn a little about the man and how he cherishes the pipe and why. Thanks for sharing, Ruffino. I came to the pipe later in life, unfortunately. Like you say, it is good for the soul. Best wishes for a speedy, uncomplicated recovery.
You just have to love one of those great times when doing anything... Not just smoking the pipe, but you know when everything feels just right and just clicks into place.

Can be a simple thing like last week when sitting on my balcony smoking a pipe. Had been moaning about the weather all week and am in a general state of economic breakdown.
I sat outside, the weather was undecided torn between rain, sun & wind and I smoked my pipe slowly while thinking. Suddenly I looked up and all just clicked in place and I couldn't be bothered about my troubles anymore... Started looking at the birds struggling in the wind and people walking their dogs outside and I thought that "well, things are not _that_ bad actually!".

I also remember this other time when working in the computer industry as a travelling technician. Pulling over at the side of an old cemetary and parking my car on the back side of it and lighting a pipe.
In half a minute I started tuning in to nature, saw a couple of squrrels looking at me, contemplating the texture of the trees and looking out over a small ripe field where the wind pushed the crop around.
Just relaxing and getting into the moment... "Right now" you know!?

...Even if "right now" is just an imaginary limit between History and Future I still enjoy it a great deal... It's a lot easier when you do something like smoke your pipe because that enables you to just sit down, do nothing and experience the elusive NOW...

Right now I'll pack my pipe to sit out at nighttime. Watch the stars and get cold!

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