Pipe related "Still Life" pics 2018


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You can’t just post a pic like that without giving some details on the pipe. It’s gorgeous.
Thank you sir!

This is a pipe made by a relative newcomer named Jakub Paszkiewicz.
He's Polish by birth but lives/works in Ireland now.

I found him via an introduction by Rafal Wozniak (also a pipemaker).
Jakub learned under Rafal and, if you are familiar with Wozniak's work, his influence on this young maker is undeniable.

I was immediately attracted to the style of this pipe and purchased based on Rafal's personal endorsement of his protege.
I have not been disappointed. In fact, it outsmokes some of my pipes made by more experienced makers.
It's well balanced, light, perfectly drilled, and a joy to clench or hold in the hand.