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pipe screens?

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Anyone use em? Any point? Ive been using them to keep a stray pieces fron comming back to visit me. But ive heard that if a cop sees a pipe and screens it could be probable cause for a search. Now i am completely drug free.....cept black tar heroin...i love that stuff....j/k but id rather not go thru hassle. Any truth in this? Does it make much diff?

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Do you mean a wind cap? I can't see that a regular (ie tobacco) pipe with a wind cap could lead to any kind of "probable cause." Now if one is cruising around with a glass pipe and mesh screens (normally used in the bottom of pipes smoking something other than tobacco) I suppose there could be a problem.


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At worst they can damage the chamber of your pipe, at best they are an unnecessary expense and inconvenience. In some cases, they may negatively impact the quality of your smoking experience.

All around not recommended by this smoker.

And yes, they are so infrequently used among tobacco pipe smokers that they could possibly raise some eyebrows. If you have, for instance, a cob or a falcon pipe and some screens and don't happen to have a pouch of legit tobacco handy to explain it when you're pulled over, prepare to be asked to submit to a search.

They're mostly used by people who smoke pipes with metal bowls and wide open drafts, filled with something other than tobacco. The purpose is to keep it all in the bowl. Even among contraband pipes, they're used almost only with pipes with metal bowls, as they are again at best unnecessary and at worst damaging to materials such as glass or wood.
I dont have any glass pipes nor do i have anything other than tobacco. But i have used the brass mesh screens to keep the tobacco and ash bits from going up stem but if there is no reason than i'm good
i don't know about U.S. Or other countries, but here in Africa.. I got harrassed by some cops, just for smoking a normal wooden pipe on my friends porch.. Apparently, they don't know the difference..

I used to use a similar filter in my first two pipes in the beginning.. Until i learned about ''cake''.. I took those little things out of my pipes and never looked back..
I have seen some retailers (who do not sell glass pipes) sell these screens and I have often wondered if real pipe smokers use them. I never have, and never will, no need.

Something that would concern me about using a screen: I'd assume the metal would act as a heat sink, either giving you an uncomfortable smoke or burning the wood at the bottom. Not sure about it, but since those things seem thin, I'd guess they get red hot quick.

If flakes in your mouth are bugging you try a stinger or another sort of filtered pipe.


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Screens aren't for tobacco pipes. I imagine they can be used but not in the bowls of my burners. They can eventually ruin a soap stone pipe, scratching the inside of the bowl until you have a deep inset ring of erosion. I would never put one in briar.
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