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Pipe sellers in London?

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Which shops in London have wide selections of pipes? I'm looking for something in the lower price ranges (about $100 each), but I'd especially like to look for corn cob pipes, since they're not available in Thailand. I'd like to take the opportunity to get some without having to pay for shipping.
Where in London are you staying/visiting? It's a big city!

Corn cobs aren't particularly common here in the UK, even in the specialist pipe shops, the only ones I've seen are the cheap Chinese copies.

You could try Cigars Unlimited, carry pipes and tobacco despite the name. Or Fox of St James (prices look slightly above average). G Smith and Sons look promising, although there website needs some work!

At the price range you're looking at, you should be able to get a Falcon boxed set (with a spare bowl) for approx $50 and have plenty of change for tobacco! :thumbsu: Or in the $60-70 range you should be able to find Stanwell's or Standard System Peterson's.
I am here in Missouri home of the Missouri Meerschaum pipe..corn cob pipes are very common here in Missouri, they are readily had for 5 dollars and under at local flea markets etc.
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