Pipe Shops in New Orleans?

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Yeah, Check out Payless Pipes on St. Charles Ave. I bought a nice GBD Channel Prince from there a few years ago plus some recent tobacco purchases. He has a pretty good selection of tobacco at reasonable prices. Fast shipping too.
There's a small shop either on, or near, Bourbon St. that I got some tobacco from. I only bought 4 ozs. and by the time I finished it I was looking for more (of course I was back home in Maine) and couldn't find the label that was in the pouch so I didn't remember the name of the tobacco or the shop! nbg

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We're heading down to see our youngest daughter on Wednesday. Her fiance smokes pipes/cigars and also uses Payless. I'm not sure I'll make the shop on this four-day visit, but I sure will enjoy smoking in some warm weather. It's 45 freaking degrees here this morning in Maryland.


If you want to just get together and shoot the sh*t with a fellow pipe smoker, look me up. I'm always looking for fellow puffers. =)
Tate, I'd love to, but I'll be dragging along my wife, brother, and sister-in-law. I probably won't have time and/or choice. As it gets closer, I'll see what plans "they" come up with for me.
I'm not familiar enough to suggest a B&M, but make sure their plans for you include a stop off at the D-Day museum while you're there. If you have even a mild appreciation of history, you will be interested - the Pacific wing will leave you floored.
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