Pipe Smoking Confessions...

Russell Hartman

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I confess that for what ever reason I used to be really dedicating pipes. I have gotten really laxed, and pretty much dump anything into my work pipes--pay no attention to ghosting in them, and although I clean them--Ghost's--I don't even pay attention to them.
Also--I pride myself on top shelf tobaccos, but every now, and again indulge in the cheapest OTC's I can find.


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I always used pink Bics too, when I was a cigarette smoker. It seemed to stop others from walking off with my lighter when drinking at a bar and easy to locate if they did.
I started using them because I’d always know it was mine when I was out drinking with buddies. Now it’s mainly because they’re easy to find when I drop one in the woods.

That, and it makes my wife laugh. I’ll do some pretty silly crap to make that girl laugh.


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I smoke filtered pipes without filters.

Or adapters.
Thank you for sharing, it had to be hard to let that out, stay strong.
I miss my father every day. He would have gotten a real charge out of the fact that I took up the hobby. He would have wanted a Maddis pipe too. If I think about it too much I get a little wet in the eyes, which actually feels good even though it hurts.
On a serious note, make your father a Maddis pipe, he'll love it and tell you so if you'll let him he's right there. It need not be fancy and you do the commission of the pipe your dad would have ordered. Than show us the pipe you made for Dad.