pipe tobacco that brings up memories from childhood

Discussion in 'The Smoking Lounge' started by craig, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. craig

    craig Active Member

    Aug 8, 2012
    hey ladies and gents hope your all well.

    So i thought i would share a few memories from my childhood, (not that distant at only 18 years ago but relevant none the less), the one person that got me interested in pipe smoking all them years ago, a curiosity that was planted and never went away.

    My early part of my childhood was spent in another house in the cul de sac were i still live and we lived next door to a man called arthur dale or mr dale as i was expected to call him.
    He was a little man, wore big spectacles, bald on top and brilliant white hair around the sides of his head.
    And boy could he be a bastard, anyone who went near his prized privet bushes, would suddenly be surprised by a tremendous shout and you would quickly scatter.
    But alhough he could be a bit of a hitler he was one of them men who had a heart of gold, and used to always give my mam and dad a bottle of his home made wines.
    But the one thing that sticks out about him to me is that he was a pipe smoker.

    when i moved to the house im in now at the bottom of my street, walking past his house in the summer never fail he would be in his front garden trimming the bushes with absolute military precision, and he always had a pipe on the go as well.
    Now and then my mam would pass the time of day with him and i would watch as while he spoke he cut flakes from a plug of tobacco rub them out and pack carefully and light up his pipe and smoke away contently, and i would get a whiff of his chosen smoke and i always loved the scent.

    sadly a few years ago mr dale passed away and his wife moved away to live with their daughter and walking past his house in the summer and not seeing his wife sat in the front garden as he trimmed the privet while drawing away on his pipe and producing vast clouds of smoke was a strange as he was one of the streets most colourful characters.

    but recently i found out his chosen smoke was condor bar, sadly not available in england anymore, but now every time i have a smoke of condor i always think back to mr dale in his garden, and each bowl of condor i have is kind of a nod to him in his honor.

    Any of you smoke a certain tobacco and are reminded of lifes colourful characters?

  2. Spillproof

    Spillproof Mostly Harmless Moderator

    Apr 5, 2012
    Yes, though I didn't realize it until I smoke some a year (or so) ago.
    My grandfather occasionally smoked something cherry.

    When cobbsmoker sent me some Middleton's Cherry Blend and I first puffed on it, I got that "a HA!" moment.
  3. Rodfather

    Rodfather Active Member

    Feb 23, 2011
    SWR, it's what Grandfather smoked. My Dad smoked Edgeworth Slices.
  4. ruffinogold

    ruffinogold Ruffinogold-Mayor, I.R.G.E.--At Large. Mayor

    Sep 25, 2009
    My dad rarely smoked a pipe , he's a cigar dude and he smoked Optimo back when they were still decent . I remember cause he would put coins in the tubes they came in [ he didn't have a humidor ] . Tubes are always perfect till ya crack the seal . By the time I was a teenager he was smoking Dominican/Jamacian stuff . My uncle smoked a pipe a lot ... Three Nuns ! I have some of his pipes . My Grandfather [WW2 Navy ] smoked Country Doctor according to my dad but by the time I was a kid .. It was a Black Cavendish that he got at the Drug store . My other Granfather [ WW1/WW2 Navy ] smoked cigarettes [ lucky strike ] Guiena stinkers [ Denobli etc ] and he had one pipe that my mother has been looking for for a year or so . I can smell the Optimo in my head , but if they were still made , they wouldn't be nearly the same . The Three Nuns my uncle smoked , I liked as a kid and feel in love with later on .. but not like I liked Grandpas Pipe ... I thought it smelled awesome !! Sometimes I'll get a bit of Grandpa when I catch a bit of aroma off SP BC .
  5. craig

    craig Active Member

    Aug 8, 2012
    My grandad used to smoke cigars and every now and then i get a whiff of his cigars
    Thats his way of showing his presencd
    When i first started smoking a pipe the smell of cigars would be intense either he was having a smoke with me or trying to make me stop lol
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  6. Summit

    Summit Live Simply.

    Aug 27, 2012
    We used to venture into the Tinderbox in the mall when we were kids to look at the pewter figures. I always loved the smells of all the tobaccos. Who knows what is was but when I walk into a B&M it reminds of those times. The Tinderbox is long gone now.
  7. Old Codger

    Old Codger Active Member

    Nov 21, 2011
    John Cotton 1&2 was a constant around me in the 50s and 60s. The recent incarnations of that tobacco in the form of Princes Street and LEO have brought back so many memories. When I got the first tin of LEO and opened it up the smell was absolutely dead on and it put me in the driver's seat of my father's late 60s Alpha spider. It was one of those sunny warm afternoons in the Ottawa valley and a review of my driving skills since I'd been away for a while. I'd missed a shift coming back just past the Westport bridge and was expecting a 4th order dressing down. Came to a stop and he didn't say anything, just pulled out a pipe and filled it with John Cotton, then handed me his tobacco pouch and I followed suit. We just smoked for a while and then all he said was, Good to have you home, we need a drink. I did go out the next day and drove that road over and over until sundown getting the drive up to scratch, every apex cut perfectly, every bump used in a drift the way it should be done. I have no way of objectively assessing whether I really like the taste of LEO or Princes Street since the memories just come out in waves when I smoke either of them. These two tobaccos are my own little time travel machines.
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  8. BigJ

    BigJ Active Member

    Mar 20, 2010
    My buddy's dad used to smoke captain black when I was younger. I recently had a patient who's house was filled with the same smell. When I inquired his blend of choice, his response was captain black. The nose knows! Unfortunatly I don't care for the blend myself, how bout that.
  9. furious

    furious Junque collector

    Oct 7, 2011
    Dunhill Royal Yacht. My uncle smoked it nearly exclusively and it was a favorite of my Grandfather as I was later told. My Grandfather liked just about everything from Dunhill and my Grandma told me that when his packages came from the NYC shop back in the 30s he was like a kid in a candy store.
  10. fishnbanjo

    fishnbanjo Member

    Feb 27, 2013
    My dad only smoked a pipe for a little while and it was with Half & Half, a teacher in high school smoked Cherry Blend. I tried both as a teenager and :confused: so while the smell of them stir memories the taste is not one I'd revisit even nearly 50 years later.
  11. MakDragon

    MakDragon Wizard of PSF

    Jan 26, 2011
    My uncle smoked a pipe all the time and his tobacco was always only one blend, Captain Black White.
    Although I have tried to like it in my past, and it was the first tobacco I ever smoked in a Dr Grabow, I just cant seem to put it in any of my pipes anymore except that one Dr. Grabow that I can no longer find.
    That doesnt change how I feel about the room not though. Smelling the Captain always brings wonderful memories of a great guy that I was lucky enough to have as an uncle. Whenever I smell CBW, I am immediately transported back to time with my uncle and I am glad.

    I almost wish my Dad smoked a pipe, so that I would have that olfactory memory trigger as well. He passed in October and I miss him. I miss my uncle too and CBW lets me remember a little bit clearer for a while.
  12. Basil Meadows

    Basil Meadows Active Member

    Apr 1, 2012
    Not sure what my Grandad smoked, we lost him in 1964. But there is an older gent that runs a little country store with gas pumps that we pass every time we head to the flee market. I enjoy stopping in and sharing a smoke with him when we head that way. He only smokes SWRAro in an old Kaywoodie that is HUGE! And we do smoke in his store! Every time I reach for the SWRA, he comes to mind. A gruff ole feller that doesn't mind telling you that there's another store up the road if you complain about the pipe smoke. My kinda guy.
  13. BernardLerring

    BernardLerring Member

    Feb 16, 2013
    The very first pipe tobacco I tried was back in 1995 at uni. I headed into the student union bar to find one of my mates, Len, smoking a briar. He was a funny one, thin, shaven headed, missing a tooth or two, rough looking and wouldn't have looked out of place on the cover of an Iron Maiden album but was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He was smoking a peach flavoured tobacco. Got asking him loads of questions about it and obviously loved it. He even let me have a brief smoke and I loved it.
    Now and then I treat myself to some American Sweet Peach, partly in hope that this was the stuff he was smoking, but more in honour of him. If you're out there Len, thank you and apologies for taking so long to take up the hobby.
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  14. RTOdhner

    RTOdhner Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2011
    My uncle Danny always smoked Granger or Velvet, and he only ever owned two pipes at any given time - both cobs (Legend-sized). He's been dead for decades now, and the last time I saw him smoking a pipe (1980) he was smoking Velvet. So, whenever I smell Granger or Velvet - especiaally Velvet - or see a pouch of eighter, it makes me think of him. Truth be told, that's the whole reason I payed $22USD for that old Velvet can I keep on my smoking stand. I keep a little Tupperware cannister of tobacco inside, and currently it contains Erinmore flake. Still, the smell of granger or velvet takes me back to a time when I had no cares, and the world seemed to be a bigger and happier place.
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