Please Name Some of the Stronger Pipe Tobaccos

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C&D Black Frigate has a strong (and somewhat unusual) flavor. It's a heavy Latakia cake like Pirate Kake, but I think it has more Turkish than Pirate Kake, and this gives it an almost "sour" flavor, but sour in a good way, not bad. Hard to describe, but tasty, in my opinion. Pirate Kake has a strong flavor too, but it's not really the same as Black Frigate.

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4Noggins Painter Hills, Davidoff Flake Medallions and PS English Oriental Supreme are three that come to mind when I want something that has pronounced flavours.
Sunset Breeze is only a light summertime smoke for me. I wouldn't say it's bland but it sure wouldn't even come through after smoking a cigar.


OK now we're getting somewhere.

Thanks for all the help.I'm making a purchase list for after Christmas.....looks like it's gonna be loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

Thanks but by all means don't stop now.


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John Patton's Cool Hand Fluke and Storm Front
C&D Epiphany
Rattray's Hal o the Wynd
GH Kendal Kentucky and Kendal Mixture #7 (great cigar notes in both)

Man, there are some great ones already mentioned. Just start trying them. The search is never over.


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i might add; Bug n Burley, Kelly's Coin, Bayou Night, Mountain Camp, and Jack Knife Plug
A good Balkan blend that can be had at a bargain price is Peter Stokkebye's Balkan Supreme. Mars Cigars handles it. I also like Larry's Blend and Ten to Midnight from Pipes and Cigars. They have a good strong flavor for me, although I am not a cigar guy. C&D Pirate Kake or Star of the East also should give you the taste you are looking for. Try Mars Cigars or Smoking Pipes for the best prices on these.
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