Please suggest a competitor to my finest so far .....

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Good day everybody !
My name is Yannis I joined this forum few days ago for the simple reason
that is very friendly full of people ready to share opinions and advice new pipe smokers like myself
for the common goal to enjoy a nice pipe smoke :bing:.
Been a new pipe smoker a keep tasting different tobaccos and till now "Connoisseurs Choice" by Peterson has been my favorite but although the smell of the tobacco both in the box and when I smoke in a room is exceptional i don't think that the taste is equally good.
So my question is to your experience can you suggest any other brands with better taste but such lovely smell ???

Thank you all :)


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Macbaren 7 Seas has four different varieties and they all smell good in the tin, taste good while smoking and have a acceptable room note. \

Good luck on your journey.


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Connoisseurs Choice is good stuff but I gotta agree with you about the taste being not quite as good as the fragrance. If you think you might like English mixtures give Esoterica's Pembroke a try. It is an English mixture with a dash of cognac and it makes a nice transition for smokers who like aromatics and would like to start trying non-aros. If you like really sweet aromatics, try Solani's Sweet Mystery and Stanwell's Melange


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My go to blend is Lane MV1000, it's a Virginia Cavendish with a very mellow vanilla top note. It smells so good when I smoke it that Ruff has to wait until I'm done to light up, because he just wants to smell it for a while. It's that good smelling. It tastes sweet and smooth, it won't ever bite and has a nice smooth Virginia taste. I like and I've yet to find anyone that doesn't like it. My FIL came to visit and smoked about 2 1/2 oz when he was here for 4 days. It's yummy.:D


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Ladies and Gents as well as nutcases Thank you very much for your welcome and your suggestions Please keep them coming as i am preparing my order !!! :puffy:
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