Presbyterian Mixture

Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by fruktflugan, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. fruktflugan

    fruktflugan Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    Last time I tad:ded I got a tin of Presbyterian mixture and I smoked a bowl of it yesterday.
    I am still taken aback by it and don't really have any idea on how to review it... At least until I've smoked it in a couple of other pipes.

    Upon opening the very nice tin one is greeted with an ungodly smell... I actually was put off by the smell until I really shoved my nose in there and breathed in through it letting the aroma tickle me.
    There's definitely some livestock in there. Cows and geese perhaps, and I think they all went to the bathroom too!

    The contents of my tin was a little moist so my plan was to leave it out for 3 hours, but the missus said otherwise. I think I got to have it airing (by a radiator though and in the dry, crisp air of swedish fall) for a maximum of 2 hours before she had enough and finally told me to set the exorcist's on the contents or hide it away deep beneath the earth's crust.

    So 2 hours aired and about a day open in a storage jar, then it was time for this farmyard to go into a pipe.

    Loaded up a medium-sized soapstone pipe, absolutely certain that I would dump the contents pretty quickly and wouldn't want to stink up a briar. Went out on the balcony as the raining just stopped and lit up.

    As I said, I am not quite ready to pass judgement or sift out flavors on this weed quite yet, although I can tell you what I think of the tobacco so far.

    This definitely is in the same cathegory as the other Englishes I've tried recently. Squadron Leader, Skiff, Northwoods, dun 965 and all of them.

    I was too into it to really sift out or sort any particular flavor in this apart to say that it's mighty good. So good that I after the first smoke would rank it above the others tastewise.
    Found myself standing out there in the cold and just battling with "can I go in now please" and "wait, just another tasty puff, yumyumyum".

    It sure has the same effect as SL, Skiff and Northwoods. You cannot stop smoking. You really need that Next Puff... And then the next and next and so on.
    So good that you just can't stop even if it's cold and windy like last night.

    Burned to ash after the charring light (not one relight my brothers). Tasted a lot like a fuller bodied Squadron Leader if we simplify it.

    Downsides then: It stinks... Either you have tasted it and therefore love it, or you hate it... (or you are into barnyard feces and there are better places like that on the internet than this... and more satisfying pastimes than opening up a jar of tobacco)
    It is NOT a crowd pleaser, more of a crowd solvent perhaps.
    It stinks up the smoking utensils too, so you might want a separate pipe for it... Thinking about getting a separate bowl for my falcon just for this tobacco.

    All in all, this is a quality tobacco. Tasty like hell but smelly like Satan himself (or his droppings).
    This is definately something for the cold winter nights, standing by myself out on the balcony looking at the stars and contemplating life's smaller and bigger things.

    A totally religious experience! :roflmao:
    (especially given the nicotine rush I got from it yesternight... Them Presbyterians must've been stoned to the gills all the time)

    So what was that name? Presbyterian whathaveyou?
    Sign me in, I am changing religion! :D

    /A floored fruitfly

  2. pottsy

    pottsy Member

    Jul 10, 2010
    Interesting review. And it really shows how peoples senses can be so different. I like the smell of Presbyterian, in the tin, and while smoking it. In fact, it's one of the few baccy's that my girlfriend has said she likes the smell of it when I smoke it. I also do enjoy the flavor, immensely. Hate when the pipe is done, just wishing for one more puff.
  3. fruktflugan

    fruktflugan Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    Well, the room note is not the worst I've smelled and the remaining scent in the pipe and from me when I smoked it is not totally unbearable.
    In fact I keep the pipe rack about 2 metres from my girlfriend's designated sofa space and she didn't complain about it when I had smoked and put the pipe there.

    When I smoked Dunhill's Early Morning Pipe once (a mistake) my breath smelled really REALLY bad, my pipe smelled worse and my girlfriend suggested that I move to another planet.
    The smell of EMP stayed a long time too, in my taste, in my stink and in my pipes. It really saturated the mucous membranes, set deeply into my dermis and infiltrated every pore of the pipe.

    So EMP is worse... A lot worse! (plus it tastes like garbage, I am hoping this is because it's blended by Orlik nowadays but I don't know really. Maybe it always sucked!)
  4. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch Sales Account

    Jul 15, 2009
    I find the Presbyterian has kind of a .... surprising, tin note, but now I'm used to it, and I know what the stuff is like lit. But loading that first bowl is a bit of a struggle!
  5. Strongirish

    Strongirish Member

    Sep 17, 2009
    Oh man, I just bought a tin of this to try! Kinda scared now to open it and try. But it's been around a long time so it has to have some merits.
  6. frumplestiltskin

    frumplestiltskin New Member

    Jan 29, 2010
    Oof, now I'm a little nervous. Got a tin of PM with my last TAD order based on its accolades. It might stay in the cellar for a bit until I clear out some already opened tins, so maybe that'll tame the barnyard smell a notch or two.
  7. Rugbysh9

    Rugbysh9 Active Member

    Sep 22, 2009
    Well I'm in the other comap on this. Prespyterian is among my fav blends. I love the tin smell and I love the aftertaste. I also love EMP. So you crazy Sweed, if you found it that offensive please send it to me...poste haste for proper disposal. :flowers:
  8. fruktflugan

    fruktflugan Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    Sorry, just got a test bag of EMP and I didn't like it at all. I don't have enough to bother sending.

    But presbyterian on the other hand... It's Oh So Good! :D
    (even though both me and my woman think it's smelly stuff from the tin indeed!)

    You who have it at home... Open yer tins, gentlemen! OPEN them NOW!
  9. cigarsarge

    cigarsarge Active Member

    Jun 13, 2010
    Interesting thread...I've got a tin I've yet to open. Some of the best Cuban cigars I've ever smoked had that barnyard aroma.
  10. fruktflugan

    fruktflugan Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    ***Review continuing:

    So opened the moo-moo cluck-cluck tin again today. It has mellowed a little it seems (or I have grown fond of it) but there's still something of Flavors Of The Farm going on in there.

    Packed the lovable weed into my trusty falcon and went out on the balcony to watch the rain fall. This time I really tried to feel what is in there and I think I have a clue.

    First off: There's latakia in there, but it's not as pronounced as, for example, Northwoods. Even Skiff has a bit more of that unadulterated latakia flav.
    As Northwoods tastes really smoky (of the smoked meat variety) and pine:y Presbyterian mixture in that respect has more of a tingle of charred pine wood as if you really smelled an old burned (but dried) log that had been used for firewood.

    There is that english leather flavor, but then sometimes it's lifted by something like church incense. Either this is my mind playing tricks with me, but it's like that old time incense for sure.
    So apart from the smoking room leather hardwood chair you have the addition of incense.
    When really poking my nose down the bowl I could smell this incense like a faint whiff of that and some hot oil:ey smell. Not like heavy car oil, but more of a homely like oil-lamp style.

    When snorked this tobacco really zings. Done excessively you almost get a tiny burn at the back of your nose but that goes away at the next breath of fresh air you suck down.

    It sure is a multi-layered and fun tobacco to smoke. There's a lot of stuff happening in there that needs to be experienced for yourself.

    At the very end of the bowl I could feel a slight whiff of that vick's vaporub-like aroma, but it was there and gone in 4 puffs.
    In the end it tasted more like that "good" charcoal smell and it's a shame that the pipe actually came to an end.

    Oh, with the falcon I noticed less of the heavy afterwards smell in there... So it does not require a whole separate pipe either it seems. Also less nic kick in the falcon. Why I don't know!

    Right now my smoking utensils just smell of that incense and a nice whiff of high quality tobacco.
    I guess the soapstone pipe didn't absorb and mellow out this smell well enough yesterday. Smelled it today and it's almost 100% free of the ghost.

    Well... Presbyterian is my favorite toby so far. It might not be for all, but it sure struck my fancy.

    And hey... How often do you smoke hay, cows and geese?

    "I love my little rooster and my rooster loves me!" :D

    5 stars out of 5... and then some ducklings thrown in there as bonus points!

  11. jhe888

    jhe888 Member

    Aug 26, 2010
    I just got a tin of it too. First time I ever smoked it, and I am even a Presbyterian. ;)

    I wouldn't have said barnyard for the tin aroma. I would say earthy, and musty. Perhaps more like wet leaves and soil. But I wouldn't argue too much about the barnyard image.

    I also like the flavors quite a bit. English style for sure. There is a distinct taste of pepper to me - black pepper. A little spicy, too. Some of the pine noted above, and that leathery smell and flavor, too.

    A winner in my book.
  12. Snake

    Snake permanent ankle biter

    Jun 13, 2010
    This was featured in our last 2t2m segment
    along with Red Rapparee. I didn't like PM, but
    did like RRR as it is a bit sweeter.

    Glad you liked the Presb. You're right, it's
    a love it or hate it thing. IMHO

  13. Bri2k

    Bri2k Active Member

    Mar 12, 2010
    I thoroughly enjoy reading reviews of tobaccos I've smoked and yours on Presbyterian was a real treat, fruktflugan! I'd smoked a couple of English/Latakia blends before I tried Presbyterian, so I had a starting point. My experience is more in the musty/woody/worchestershire sauce side and while this tobacco ghosts mildly for an English/Oriental, I discovered many wonderful subtleties to it when smoked in a brand new pipe. It gets even better with age. I've got a tin that I've been smoking since April which is now very dry and the flavors just shine! You're right, fruktflugan, there's something about Presbyterian which makes you want more.
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