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Need or want?
As far as need goes, a box of matches, and a golf tee for a tamper is all you "need".
If we are talking about wants, the list will be much longer, and admittedly much more expensive.
Thanks for the heads up about using a golf tee! Smart advice!


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Needs? A Bic lighter or matches, pipe cleaners, Zip-Lock bags, and $2 Czech pipe tool or $1 pipe "nail." You only NEED something air tight (or relatively air tight) to store a small amount of tobacco to get you going (i.e. Zip-Lock bags).

Wants? Pipe case, fancy lighter, mason jars, extra pipes, extra tobacco, etc.

Hell...if you really wanted could just get a MM cob and pitch it whenever it gets completely fouled up. In that don't NEED pipe cleaners. I can only imagine how much money I've spent on pipe cleaners over the past year to keep my most smoked MM cob (a x < $5 pipe) clean.

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