Rattray - Old Gowrie vs. Hal O' The Wynd

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I have now sampled both.

Old Gowrie's tin smells of a hay field, which I love. When I smoke it, it reminds me of sitting out in the sun in a huge grass field. I think I like it I prefer this when the sun is out during the day. Hal O' The Wynd is creamy with a touch of spice/pepper. Old Gowrie is more spicy to me. Is that the Perique? Hal O' The Wynd definitely has more nicotine.

I'd prolly say I like Hal O' The Wynd a tiny bit better overall, but by not too much. It just depends on the environment.

Which do you like better?


I do like HOTW more than OG but I like OG and it probably depends on the mood and the moment. Don't forget Marlin Flake and Brown Clunee they are also good. MF is a little more cased or flavored and BC is the mildest of the group.


Today I tried both of these courtesy of fellow PSFer KiowaPipe. These were the second bowls of each. This morning was the old Gowrie smoked out my first real pipe, a Savinelli Bent. The pipe hadn't been smoked in several weeks. It was a great smoke, and probably the most enjoyable smoke I've had in some time due to the recent onset of winter and my need to smoke outside. Today was warmer so was able to sVor a couple bowls today.

OG struck me as a very flavorable smoke, and was so enjoyable that as I filled a bowl of HOW tonight I was sure there was no way it could surpass the OG, but was to soon learn I was wrong. I won't say HOW is the better of the two, butvwhere the OG hit the spot in the morning, the HOW was an absolute perfect smoke out of a BC bent after a wonderful bowl of chili for dinner. One of those smokes that reinforce your passion for the pipe.

The OG had a lighter, brighter, wispier flavor, while the HOW was a thick, rich, flavorful smoke.

Life is good.

Thanks again, Kiowa. Two keepers.


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I like OG but HOTW is strongly preferred. Or at least that used to be the case. In the old geezer days, the differences between the two were more profound. K&K sort of homogenized them a bit. Neither contained perique in the old days. Quite frankly, I think my attitude toward the change in recipe has as much to do with my "meh" feeling as the actual blend change itself. Biases are funny thing. I have a rather large stash of old HOTW and that's pretty much what I smoke rather than the newer stuff. I still have one tin of OG from about 1994 that I haven't cracked. I sure hope the tobacco inside is in better condition than the label outside!

Not fond of Marlin Flake or Brown Clunee, although the latter was my first straight virginia smoke and holds a special place in my heart for that reason.
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