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Reborn Briar - Anyone Used them?

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As the title says, I was just wondering if anyone has used Reborn Briar for purchasing estate pipes, or getting restoration work done? I have seen this pipe and like the look of it but unsure of the company.

Many thanks, Gew


The guy who runs the show is an all round good, solid man. I've corresponded with him in the past. He's totally authentic & reliable. In fact I recommend them.


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I'm not really experienced to know how having a filter would affect my smoke, what's the main difference would you say?
I used to use filter pipes (9mm), but when I switched to non-filter types I was spoiled by an increase in flavor and calming my cadence down while smoking. When I tried to come back to a filter pipe I found myself drawing harder on the pipe, searching for the flavor that only a non-filter pipe could provide.
You could smoke that pipe without a filter, but the draw might be too "open". They make non-filter adaptors, but why bother.
Fair point, I'll keep it in mind and keep looking to see if there's anything else out there I fancy.

thanks very much guys
It sure is pretty. I don't buy filter pipes on purpose, but I got a couple nice ones in estate sales that I cleaned up and burn without filters. They work fine and no one can really tell it's a filter pipe anyway (unless they know that particular model). :)

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I've never purchased a pipe from him, but he is an active participant on the PipesMagazine.com forums. He really seems to know his stuff about classic pipes and his restoration work looks super strong. I'd have no qualms making a purchase from him. He is in the UK, so shipping to the States is a few bucks more in the total.
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