Reviewed: Boswell's Mild English

Discussion in 'Pipe Tobacco' started by SBritton, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. SBritton

    SBritton Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    Mild English - Blend of Burley, Golden Virginia, and Cavendish. Has a touch of Latakia to make a well balanced, fuller-bodied smoke. Combustion is cool and slow. VERY MILD for an English!

    Chosen Pipe: Sasquatch Author's Custom (Large Bowl Straight)

    First Impressions: Before I had a chance to open the parcel I could already pick up on the Latakia. For those that object to Latakia, this blend may have a tad bit more than you were bargaining for. As with most Boswell blend, this tobacco needed drying. I say this, tooth in tongue, as I like my tobacco a bit on the dryer side.

    Top of the Bowl: The smoke started surprisingly smooth, right away I could pick up on the Cavendish and Latakia. I was surprised, mainly due to how misleading the original smell from the parcel was. I was honestly expecting a bit of a lat bomb with this one. Something along the lines of Boswell Northwoods. At this point in the smoke, the Virginia's were present but weak. I was pleased with the overall texture of the smoke, but something was a bit off. Like an egg without salt.

    Center of the Smoke: The smoke became surprisingly bold and the black Cavendish in the mix made itself known. The Latakia died off a bit. The Golden Virginia made the snorkle odd but enjoyable. If I had to knit pick, even after drying the mixture for a couple days, there still was a gurgle problem. Maybe I just slober to much. ;p

    Bottom of the Stack: I usually dump the bowl out at this point. I know, cardinal sin. I never found to many smokes (definitely OTCs in this category) to get any better by the bottom. I fitted my fedora with a feather and pressed on. This smoke manifested as the lat bomb I expected near the bottom. It pretty well drowned out the rest of the smoke completely. Not to much to say at this point.

    Final Thoughts: If I had to knit pick I would cut out about half the Latakia they mix into this blend. I do not want to put a good blend down, this is a damn nice smoke and I would definitely rotate this into my all day stack. The price however is atrocious. The Golden Virginia is nearly absent and this blend will run you $3.95 / oz. Boswell has never put me out and always over-stuffs my order. Still, I can pick up some SG Common Wealth or CG NF for allot less.

    All Ratings In Numbers 1-10

    Combustion Speed (Lower Number Is Faster): 7
    After Taste: Decent
    Bite: Almost None
    Recommended Cure Time: 48 hours
    Final Verdict: If they lowered the price, I would buy the blend again as is. Definitely an all day smoke.

  2. smokey422

    smokey422 Member

    Jan 3, 2012
    I've smoked quite a bit of Boswell's Mild English and enjoy it a lot although I find that I like its's cousins, Magnum Blend and Northwoods, even more. Boswell tobaccos have gotten pretty high in price. Fortunately I stocked up before that happened.
  3. IrishRover

    IrishRover Active Member

    May 19, 2010
    Thanks for the review!
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