Revisiting An Old Friend...

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your oppinion on corn cobs (missouri meerschaum)

  1. love them, smoke them and them only

  2. like them, smoke them and other pipes

  3. tried them and never again

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  1. YAPPG

    YAPPG Member

    Mar 7, 2013
    I have a routine that's close but my first steps after that little room take me past a tin of Grizzly Wintergreen and then to the Kettle. While it heats up I take a dip of the snuff, then pour my cuppa head to the comp chair and then turn the news on and comp at the same time. While the comp is taking its time to boot I have got the pipe packed and lit before the reprobates show up.

  2. jediknight129

    jediknight129 Member

    Jan 29, 2013
    The only thing about my new cob that bugs me apart from the stem not burning put yet and the slightly sickly end note that causes is that the yellow stem with the slight end bend think its a legend but its the only one the tobacconist had. Along with the OP I'm in the UK so our choice seems to be cob or basket briar for 7-8 and a clay at the same price. We dont get the sizes or shape choice which is a shame because I like some of them more than others.

    The stem issue is the bend at the end of the stem is at an angle rather than a smooth flowing bend and so it wont pass a pipe cleaner and I cant quite get to the blackness that tastes foul when I do my first draw. What I have learned from the cob is lighting technique and that the milder sweeter baccys are awesome in cob and briar. I had to take an emry board to the mouthpiece but once that burr was smoothed out it fit fantastically. I love that I can tamp it out pop into the shop leave and relight with no real problems. I'm waiting for my metal pipe to arrive but the cob I think will stay a while.
  3. fishnbanjo

    fishnbanjo Member

    Feb 27, 2013
    Bowl up some water in a pan and with the bowl in your hand place the stem in the water slightly past the bend and hold it there a few moments. Pull it out and see if it is flexible enough to bring it into a better position then just hold it there and it will cool and remain in place. Try your pipe cleaner and if it is still not right repeat until you are satisfied with it, this will help with the after taste a bit also. Best of luck and take it slow and easy or the stem will wrinkle or be weird looking.
  4. craig

    craig Active Member

    Aug 8, 2012
    Missouri meerschaum actually did a bent stem that curved slightly and looked like a propper bent stem the shop i got that from had these in for a while then it went back to the angled bent stem which is a bit of a shame but i can handle a bent or straight and dont really have a preferance so i guess im ok
  5. JoeSmall

    JoeSmall Member

    Apr 1, 2013
    3 legends that I smoke from cause it's what I got. I'll probably still smoke them after the poy and altinok come in cause I don't wanna mess up a pipe I paid a fair amount of money for.
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