Roller Derby and Lost Pipes

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A few years ago, a local physician and pipe enthusiast left his pipe bag, which contained three very expensive pipes and a Corona Old Boy, was lost when he laid his pipe bag on his car and drove off from one of the local hospitals. On a number of occasions, he and I would be sitting in the lounge at the local B&M and he would tell of this incident, which bothered him greatly as the pipes were not just expensive, but had sentimental value. The general consensus was that they were gone for good. Years had passed.

I hadn't been to the local B&M for about a year before yesterday when I decided to stop in and get a cigar before coaching a roller derby bout. There was the good doctor making his Sunday trip to the shop and puffing on a cigar with the other regulars. We made some conversation about roller derby and I went on my way.

While at the derby bout, I was speaking with the husband of one of my players about pipes as I had recently gave him one of mine. He hands me a pipe bag that his cousin's mother had found in a parking lot and given to her son. He knew nothing of pipes and wanted me to access their value. Upon opening the bag my response was, "Not only can I tell you what you have here, but I can tell you who they belong to." Yes, there before me was the doctor's lost pipes and other contents in the very same condition they were in when he lost them so long ago. It even included some if the doctor's now dried out tobacco. The only blend he ever smoked.

A quick phone call later and my find was confirmed. They were the doctor's lost pipes.

Today, the possessor of the pipes made a trip to the doctor's office to bring the pipes back home to their now elated owner.

Now tell me that miracles don't happen.
Awesome story! I can only imagine how very disappointed he must have been when he lost them. I hope the Doc gives you both something to show his appreciation.
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