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Coasty inspired me to do a rustification..Havent done one in about 30 years
The pipe is a Carey Majic Inch
The filter vent holes were epoxyed shut and the stem polished
I used a dremmel with a cutting wheel a drill bit and another that looked like a tiny nail head
I used brown scuff hider liquid polish for a stain let that dry and used a cotton buff on the pipe ..then coated it with Neutral shoe polish and buffed that
Better pictures when I can get better light

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Started another one today
Used the cut off wheel on top of the bowl ..this worked really well I have drawn a tear drop design on each side and will rusticate the rest of the pipe
I think I will take 4 nails and cut the heads off and JB weld them together and cut down a phillips ..try them on a 2x4 to see what the pattern looks like..suggestions ?

I want to give this one a Dainish freehand look to matchthe stem connecter..the bowl is apple shaped but the stem connecter is wide and flaired made out of a material that shifts color from black to silver as it is moved in the light

Very Nice Bobby. You forgot how much fun that is, didn't ya?
I move slowly..wonce the tool hits it there is no turning back..on the stem cap bottom I can make out the word Denmark..true this pipe only cost 10.00 but I dont wish to haphazzardly destroy it..The pipe has a lot of potential especially due to the pretty shank cap..


Finally got some pictures of my progress ..HOLES !..thought I would try that ..different ! Buffer tomorow
Botom pix is of the rustification..also before holes..That briar is HARD ..my tool would bairly dent itbut the tiny round ball bit carved out the design pretty well

The holes are tapered on both sides..saw a custom pipe with holes..havent seen that befoore..thought I can do that..same as my side designs saw them on a Royal Danish ..and drew the design on my pipe..is that cheating ?
All my work is done freehand holding the pipe in one hand and the dremmel in the other..
This pipe has all the looks of a high dollar pipe..wonder who made it ?
Another one of my pet peeves..beautiful pipes with no makers marks..

Not open for further replies.