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Thanks guys! The only small cigars I have enjoyed, came in tins. I was not sure sure how a nub-type would compare. I consider kentucky cheroots and marsh wheelings to be a regular cigar, so I may be smoking more small cigars than I realize. I don't care how I look with a cigar--its all about the scowl, with or without one. :)

And I think my B&M has insane prices on 1/3 of their inventory, excellent prices on 1/3, and fair at best on the rest. Sadly, each item is marked at a different price so it takes a little guess work. My experience with noticing their prices never seems to work in my favor because of this, way too inconsistent.

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Tat makes a great shortie, but i prefer the petite reservas (brown label) to the havana line.
RyJ Tres Petite Coronas or Cuaba Exclusivos (from the beloved Isle)
Easier to find:
Nestor Miranda Coffee Break Rosado
Punch Bareknuckle
La Riqueza makes a smaller vitola as well that is fantastic.


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I can't believe I forgot one...if you want a good knock-around choppin-wood kind of cigar, get on CI or Famous and order a box of La Aurora Principes. 5x38, they're short filler and they do have a homogenized tobacco binder....despite those two things going against them, they are good smokes in my book. Nothing amazing, but a pleasant enough smoke for day to day stuff. Because they're short filler you DO need to be extra careful about smoking them slow, and don't expect to win a long ash competition...but I like them, especially for when I'm studying or something.

I was thinking of ordering a new box soon. If I do, I'll make sure to send a few your way, because I know that the description makes them sound like garbage, but they're not. I mean, they're certainly not Tatuaje or even regular La Auroras for that matter....but it's one of the best quality machine mades I've had apart from Italian style cigars


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I received my Cbid order of shorties a whole back and have been resting them for the minimum amount of time necessary to try one of each.

But I did make a silly rookie mistake.
I paid $3/ for some Tatuaje Nicaraguan Reserves, which are basically cigarillos. Don't know what I thought yet were... Oops.

The other two are the Illusione 68 Bombone, and Tatuaje Angleles VI. I did well on each.

I smoked one of the Illusiones just now . Took about an hour. Very pretty cigar. Nice veiny wrapper. Solid construction and burn. Nice draw and good flavors. I wouldn't call it complex and have filed it as on the milder end of what I enjoy, but enjoy it I did. I made the mistake of reading a couple of reviews on them; cherry?!
I did not get any of that (thankfully). I have four more of them and will pull the next one out in a couple/ few weeks.

Next up one of the ugly little Tat thingies I paid too much for ;-)

Tomorrow I'll smoke an AngelesVI.


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Smoked one of the Tatuaje Miami Petite Tatuaje Reserves today.

Tiny little thing ring-gauge wise.
And none too impressive looking.
No band, pretty dark and lumpy.

But very very tasty. Delicious even.
I was put off by the pixie/straw draw and the lack of Huge Billows of Smoke, but the flavors are there. I have four more and they'll be smoked.

If I don't get a hernia from hyperventilating ;-)


If you're talking about nubs like the brand "NUB" then yeah those are a ripoff.
You say a NUB is a ripoff - How so?

I can buy a NUB for $5-8, and I have yet to have one that didn't last a good 45 minutes or more. I can buy a Corona or Robusto in any number of brands, for nearly the same price, if not more, and they last about the same time frame. So how is a NUB a ripoff?

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