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Showing Off Buffer

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Be really careful on vulcanite and briar, especially around nomenclature; a smaller diameter wheel may help.
I hear ya ... if it catches they go buy buy ! .... honestly though it does a hell of a job . I can lightly buff the final wax and make em glow like they're wet .... The trip compound I get now from PIMO and it seems to be milder than what I used to get from FGT . There's a few nomenclatures that aren't as visable as they used to be ... lol ... on an old dirty pipe [ i mean bad ] it can do a trick for sure


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Just got a buffer on Sunday. 1850 rpm 8". Need to get washers to shim the arbor for 1" buffing wheels, but I've used it a little and it shined up my new estate Falcon quite well.
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