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Size of the drilling for the stem

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I post on the making forum because it's the place but it's also the place in the pipe forum.
I tried to find something on this matter in the forum but didn't find.
I post the link:
maybe it's interesting for some pipe maker who don't know about it.
Sorry if it's not a discovery for you all but for me, I realize that my estate pipes (Peterson, Charatan, Chacom) are not following this.
Good post. I believe Sas has made reference to this before, a few times. He knows airflow. I'm not a pipe maker but I have found that opening up the airway on my hot,wet smoking pipes helps a great deal.


When I first tooled up to make pipes, all the stuff I could find was 11/64, which is huge, and everybody liked how the pipes smoked, so I kept 'em there for the most part. 5/32 works great too. The biggest difference is probably how tight you leave the smallest aperture, ie how small the stem gets near the button, in terms of how it feels to smoke it - Peterson's P-Lip stems are real tight this way, and they smoke great. So I'm a fan of starting big and tapering all the way. Other guys try to leave things at constant volume all the way through. Lots of ways to skin this cat, and given how easy it is to make a good smoker, it's a real piss off that a lot of companies don't bother.


Great post! I had read that article a good while back but a refresher is always a good thing. I have read that a pipe can be opened up too much...any thoughts on whether you guys find this to be true or not?


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I've drilled a lot of 1/8" and a few 3/32", and only on a select few have I gotten a pipe stem longer than 7" (including what I intend on making for the tennon). The bit seems to wander WAY too much. Is there anyway of helping to correct this?
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